Master GM - Entrepreneurship & innovative Management

Study language German Intake Fall
Duration 4 semesters ECTS: 120
Type of study Full-time Qualification Master of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Entrepreneurship: business administration for businesses that do not yet exist

Chose Entrepreneurship and innovative Management as a core element of this German-language Master’s programme. It is a very good opportunity to set the course for a dynamic future even before starting your career. Today, entrepreneurial spirit and start-up spirit are needed in all types of companies. Start-ups challenge competitors or long-established companies, or they simply create a new market from scratch. Successful companies use the creative power of internal entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, to stay one step ahead of the competition. Consulting firms give advice to companies looking for disruptive solutions. Discover the Entrepreneurship and innovative Management specialisation in our business administration programme General Management for yourself! For the English-language programme, have a look at our International Business Programme.

An enriched Master in Business Administration

The prerequisite for admission to the Master’s programme in General Management is a first academic degree in the field of economics, for example a General Management / Business Administration Bachelor’s degree – and keep in mind that it’s a German-language programme. In the Master’s programme you will deepen your knowledge and develop your business management skills – from economics to sourcing and marketing to legal topics. In addition, there are specific contents dealing with the situation of young and growing companies: entrepreneurial thinking and acting, digitisation, financing of start-ups as well as current theories and practice.

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

In this Master’s programme specialising in Entrepreneurship and innovative Management, entrepreneurial thinking and acting is an important topic. How do you learn to think like an entrepreneur? How do entrepreneurs act when they see a big opportunity? How do you deal with risk – and how can you deal with a crisis?

Financing of start-ups

For entrepreneurs, start-ups are sometimes a way of turning a vision into reality. For investors, start-ups are always a chance to make more money. You will learn how to secure the right amount of financing for your start-up (or internal department) at the right time. Financing in start-ups fundamentally differs from traditional companies, as initial losses can sometimes accumulate over many years.


Digitisation is affecting more and more areas of life and the economy. This creates new market opportunities for innovative founders, SMEs and corporations. How can these opportunities be identified? Which technologies are available? Which ideas can inspire customers?

Current theories and practice

Entrepreneurship is an exciting topic that is currently the subject of a great deal of research and of course part of every day’s business headlines. Are there mechanisms and recipes for success that work reliably well? How do team structures work? Why do some start-ups fail – and why do others take off? In this module you will acquire valuable knowledge.

An inspiring environment

At CBS we have our own, students-backed Entrepreneur Club. Here you can discuss start-up topics or your own business ideas with fellow students, alumni and lecturers on a weekly basis. And what if you want to launch your own start-up already while you are studying? CBS is a member of the hochschulgründernetz cologne e.V. [Cologne university founders’ network] (hgnc). It offers free workshops and seminars dealing with everything you need to know for setting up a business, from business plans to forms of financing. And hgnc is great opportunity to get to know interesting people, because many partners from the industry are also part of the network.

Internship & practical relevance

An eight week internship in Germany or abroad (between the second and third semesters) are obligatory – and above all the chance to see how a start-up or an innovation department works. In addition, you will test your entrepreneurial skills in a team in a business simulation game in the third semester. The fourth semester is reserved for your Master’s thesis: For example, you can write it at a start-up or conduct research as part of a semester abroad.


Graduation, steady, go!

In the course of your studies you will get to know yourself better: Are you more into starting your own business – perhaps with fellow students? Or do you see yourself in a larger company to work in an innovation department or an internal incubator? Or do you want to get to know many different industries after graduation and start in a management consultancy? There’s still time for that decision. We will accompany you on your way and at CBS career events you will have the opportunity to get to know interesting companies.

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