College Sports in Cologne (Hochschulsport)

Physical activities are not only a counterbalance to mental activities during your studies but also a lesson for life. Teamwork, leadership skills, dealing with victories and defeats, and working on oneself – college sports have many positive effects. And above all, they’re fun. Especially during periods of stress, working out helps to free up the mind.

CBS International Business School offers you an outstanding intramural sports package at one of the three largest universities in Germany. CBS is a partner of the Hochschulport Köln (College Sports Cologne), an organisation in which public and private universities in Cologne are working together for a broad range of sports. If you study at CBS, you can take advantage of the range offered by Hochschulport Köln and have access to over 100 courses, which are usually free of charge. You won’t find a better opportunity to get to know and try out so many types of sports anytime soon. Examples:

  • Team sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, rugby…
  • Individual sports like tennis, golf, badminton…
  • Self-defense and combat sports: judo, boxing, aikido…
  • Fitness courses like freeletics, pilates and all different kinds of yoga…
  • Free gym membership
  • Climbing, horseback riding, ballet, salsa, sailplaning, chess, surfing, winter sports…

The diverse programme can be viewed online.
Take courses and get to know interesting people who are studying at one of the many universities in Cologne. This is how you expand your (inter-)cultural horizon – while perhaps even making close friendships for life.
Regular sporting events and tournaments are there for you and your team to compete with others. And sports trips during semester breaks offer you the opportunity to try out rather atypical activities for Cologne. Learning to surf is easy in Tarifa – more so than in Cologne.
And for those who want to pass on their sports know-how to others, Hochschulsport Köln is looking for trainers and instructors.
And to ensure your fitness is not limited to just workouts and sporting events, our cafeteria constantly offers you a selection of fresh and healthy dishes.

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