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Students’ Parliament

Every two years, the Student Parliament (StuPa) is democratically elected by the entire student body of the CBS International Business School. The StuPa has the task of representing the interests of the student body within the framework of the NRW Higher Education Act and is the managing body responsible for the external representation of the student body.

The objectives pursued by the StuPa are broadly diversified. In regular meetings with responsible persons from the faculty, administration and management of the CBS, the StuPa advocates the interests of the students. The StuPa takes up the students’ wishes and suggestions and works out solutions together with the CBS managers. A representative of the Student Parliament is also always present at appointment procedures, examination committees and Senate meetings.

In addition, the StuPa supports student initiatives in the implementation of projects and events and organises the annual CBS Oktoberfest and the popular semester closing party at the end of each semester. The StuPa projects are financed by a semester contribution from the students, which currently amounts to 10 €.

CBS Students' Parliament StuPa

The elected StuPa-representatives in summer 2017

Front Row: Moritz Otto, Moritz Geiling, Eskinder Ayele Abate

Back Row: Linda Siegmund-Schultze, Anne Hakvoort, Nadja Gottschalk,
Roberta Reschofsky


The members of the Student Parliament

Moritz Otto, MA SM und VP19
Vice President:
Josephine Dempf, BA WP17
Treasurer: Josephine Dempf, BA WP17
Contact persons for events and concerts Luis Klein, BA GM18

Dennis Rörig, BA IB18

Contact persons for student initiatives Till Engel, BA IB19

Marven Hennecker, BA GM18

Email inquiries and communication Marlene Kretschmann, BA IB18


Head of Career Service &
Relationship Management

Juliane Harnoth

+49 (0) 221 93 18 09-31

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