CBS Family & Friends e.V.

CBS Family & Friends e.V. is the new supporters` association of the CBS International Business School, which not only connects the graduates of all campuses but also all other interested parties. Originally founded as Alumni e.V., we now want to jointly expand and strengthen the network and pursue common goals.

CBS Family & Friends e.V. – Goals

As a non-profit association, we bring together all interested parties, especially alumni, of the CBS. We strengthen the contact between the individual groups; whereby members of the association can profit from each other by bundling know-how and common interests. New ideas and concepts promote academic work and teaching at the CBS, for example by awarding prizes for students` academic work.

Special and exceptional talents will be encouraged, and socially weaker students will be supported in the form of scholarships. It is our goal to enable all students to develop their potential to the fullest and to pave the way for a successful professional future.

With selected events, activities and services, the association is integrated into the social, societal, and cultural activities of the university and functions as a networking and support organ within the CBS International Business School.

Goals of the CBS Family & Friends e.V.
Activities of the CBS Family & Friends e.V.

CBS Family & Friends e.V. – Activities

So, what exactly does the association do? Here you will find an overview of the most important activities:

  • Organisation of (alumni) events such as the annual Alumni Homecoming or the digital lecture series Alumni Breakfast
  • Award of scholarships and academic prizes
  • Organisation of academic or non-profit-making events
  • Support of social and charitable organisations
  • Development of a mentoring programme for students

Reasons for membership

The CBS Family & Friends e.V. also creates a common basis for togetherness after your studies and maintains your connection to the alma mater. The various events offer you a platform to stay in contact with your former fellow students and the university. However, membership in the CBS Family & Friends e.V. is not only a matter of the heart but also offers many other advantages:

  • Establishment of a strong network with members from various industries and business sectors
  • Participation in regional network meetings
  • Discounts for exclusive events and workshops
  • Connecting with your alma mater
  • Active participation in the alumni work
  • Personal engagement for charitable purposes

Would you like to become a member? Or do you have questions about the association or our activities? Do you want to update your contact details?

Please send us a short message and we will be happy to send you all the information you need.

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