Information on the coronavirus

We have compiled daily updated information for our (prospective) students on this website that covers all aspects of studying and applying in view of the special circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.



Overview for prospective students

The situation is improving and the handling of the situation in Germany has received some international appraisals. Containment measures and early tests are working well in Germany and the health system has never been overwhelmed in this time. We hope for even more improved situation very soon. Slowly, the lockdown in Germany is being eased off and many activities under the conditions of hygiene measures, compulsory use of face masks and social distancing are permitted. Schools are also returning slowly to classroom teachings under certain conditions.


Efforts to slow down the spread of the virus have been put in place and these includes, restricting movements, awareness and strengthening the health facilities. Above all, costs relating to coronavirus tests are being taken over by the health insurance providers in Germany and this also helped in the early detection and treatment of the symptoms. All federal states have now made it compulsory to wear a mask in parts of public spaces (super markets, public transport services) in order to contain the further spread of the coronavirus. 

In general, we would like to say that the situation is consciously being addressed in Germany and all authorities are carefully assessing the situation according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. Appropriate decisions and measures are being taken whenever the need arises. The strong health system in Germany will also help in quickly overcoming the situation.

Up till now, no cases of coronavirus have occurred on any of our campuses.

Yes. All our administrative staffs are reachable and all questions will be attended to as usual. With the means of digital, we are able to operate and carry on with our day to day activities.

Yes. All plans are ongoing for the upcoming semester to start as scheduled in August 2020. A return to classroom teaching is planned for the winter semester 2020/2021. Digital teaching formats will remain as an addition to the curriculum. Students who will be able to obtain visas on time and have no travel restrictions can join the semester in August on campus right away and those who will have visa delays or travel restrictions, will also still start the semester online and then join the semester as soon as their visas are issued or to able travel. So in this case and irrespective of the situation, no one will miss any activities, as every student will be able to start the semester either ways.

For now, we are planning the semester as it is and plan the semester starts as scheduled. We are monitoring the situation constantly in order to take appropriate measures and decisions at all times and judging by the progress already recorded in Germany, we are very hopeful that things will get even more better before the semester start.


We advise you to proceed and secure your study place. The current situation will not last forever and students will always have the flexibility of amending their study contract to next semester of cancelling it out rightly in case the situation worsened.

Since the upcoming semester is starting with the combination of digital teaching formats and on-campus lectures, we are happy to be able to offer online classes for those who won’t be able to join lectures on campus right from the beginning of the semester due to the situation and can join the semester as soon as they are able to travel to Germany.

CBS is flexible in matters relating to the Coronavirus for the upcoming semester as regards physical class attendance. So in case of prolonged delay arising due to the Coronavirus and you are not be able to resume for your study after securing an admission at CBS and paying the required deposit, you can start the lectures online and then join as soon as the situation permits you to travel.

In an extra-ordinary longer delays, you can flexibly move your admission to the next intake.

In case of a visa refusal (not related to Coronavirus) our usual cancellation rules apply.

Should any problem arise due to the coronavirus and you not be able to resume for your study after securing an admission at CBS and paying the required deposit, you can flexibly move your admission to the next intake or outrightly cancel your contract. Should you have to cancel your contract due to the coronavirus situation, all the paid tuition fee deposit will be refunded. However, in case of a visa refusal (not related to coronavirus) our usual cancellation rules apply and we will refund the deposit except 600 EUR registration fee.

We strongly recommend that you proceed with your study arrangement at CBS as soon as possible. In case the situation is contained in few weeks, it might be too late to start the process by then. There is room to always shift your study intake to the next available semester in case the situation prolonged longer than usual.

As there are many conflicting news going up and down, we advise you to keep monitoring the situation yourself with WHO. Please contact us on any question you might have and we will carefully supply you with accurate information regarding the situation. CBS is reachable on [email protected]; or our telephone: +4922193180931

Irrespective of the situation, the upcoming semester is starting both digitally and on campus and students with no delay issues can start the lectures on campus and those with visa or travel delays will still be able to start the semester online and then join the semester as soon as their visas are issued or are able to travel. So in this case no one will miss any activities, as every student will be able to start the semester either ways.

So we strongly recommend that you proceed with your study arrangement at CBS as much as possible, because the situation in Germany is already getting better and it might be too late to start the process at a later time.

We strongly advise that everyone who already secured a study place at CBS should proceed with all visa arrangements for the start of their studies in August 2020. With the level of improvements already recorded in Germany and Europe, we hope that the situation in your home country will also get better very soon and you will soon be able to join your studies on campus.

In case the German embassy in your home country is not closed and are accepting visa application, delaying the visa application to a later time might be too late for you to receive your student visa for Germany, so please start the process as soon as possible. But in case you are not able to submit your visa application due to closure of your local German embassy, don’t worry; you can start the process as soon as the embassy resumes operation and you will still be able to start the semester online in August and then join the semester as soon as you obtain your visa and able to travel.

Don’t worry, should you require a DELAY CONFIRMATION LETTER to support your visa application, please do let us know and we will send same to you.

Our Assessment Days will be conducted via online-tests and Skype interviews. Please register for it using our application form.

After your registration you will receive further information on the procedure and the access data for the test. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our applicant management staff at [email protected].

All study information events on our campuses will unfortunately not take place until further notice. We are happy to meet you at one of our online information sessions.

In the meantime we are pleased to advise you.

e-Mail [email protected]

Campus Cologne & Potsdam: +49 221/93 18 09-31
Campus Mainz: +49 6131/ 88 0 55 31

per Skype via [email protected]
(appointments before by e-mail)

You can participate in our online events or contact us on our contact details below.

CBS study advisory

Our study advisors will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our study programmes and your application by phone or e-mail. They can also advise you via Skype if you wish.

Melanie Damrow
Student advisor Campus Cologne/Campus Potsdam
Tel: +49 0221/93 18 09-31
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: [email protected]

Leah Krug
Student advisor Campus Mainz
Tel: +49 06131 88 055-31
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: [email protected]


Overview for students

  • The lectures and seminars will be replaced by digital teaching formats until the end of the semester (22 May 2020).

  • For the winter semester 2020/2021, a return to classroom teaching is planned, taking into account the legal requirements and observing all necessary precautions and hygiene measures. The semester dates can be found here.

In the coming semester, we will return – taking all precautions – to a daily routine with personal encounters. The attendance study is possible again in reduced form.

Our campuses will be open again starting next semester. All service facilities can be reached on site during the opening hours.

During the lecture period in the coming semester, we will return – taking all precautions – to a daily routine of personal encounters. Studies on campus are possible again in reduced form.

Our communication is carried out via e-mail. Therefore, please make sure that you can access your [email protected] e-mail address. If this cannot be guaranteed for any reason, please contact the IT department at [email protected]. The CBS team at [email protected] is at your disposal for information and queries regarding the coronavirus.

If you have been in an international risk area up to 14 days before your illness or have been in contact with a proven person infected with coronavirus, there is a reasonable suspicion of an infection with the coronavirus. In this case, please inform the CBS team at [email protected] and stay away from the campuses until further notice. The same applies to confirmed suspected cases.

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