IB - HRM and Leadership part-time (M.A.)

Study language English Intake Fall Duration 5 semesters
ECTS 120 Type of study Part-Time Qualification Master of Arts
Semester abroad - Internship - Campus Cologne
Tuition (Cologne) 2.970 €* Financing More info >>
*The displayed prices are semester fees. For non-EU students' fees please check the tuition fees information page. Status: Jan 2020.

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Career in Human Resources

A company is only as good as its employees. HR managers take on the crucial task of recruiting the best minds for their company in times of a shortage of skilled workers. In the part-time master’s programme “International Business – HRM & Leadership” you will learn the latest specialist and leadership knowledge with which you can successfully face the challenges of human resources management.

Sound HRM teaching content

During the semesters (first three, or last two, or during the course) you will take a holistic look at human resources. You will learn about the factors that make a decentralized HR organisation profitable, the role of culture-specific characteristics in team composition, and the effects of globalization on HR management.

Business management know-how as a basis

The part-time master’s programme “International Business – HRM & Leadership” is based on a sound business education. You will acquire all the skills and abilities of a master’s degree in business administration, supplemented by specialized courses in human resources and elective subjects. You will attend seminars on “Business Economics”, “Corporate Governance” and “Sustainable Supply Chain Management”.

Looking outside the HR box

The world of work 4.0 presents HR managers with new challenges. During your part-time master’s programme, you will learn how to contribute to corporate performance and competitiveness in the HR department. In the third semester you will focus on strategic personnel management, corporate development and corporate transformation. You will then be able to demonstrate your skills together with fellow students in the Business Simulation Game before writing your master’s thesis in the final semester.

Security in team leadership

As an HR Manager, you work closely with colleagues so that team leadership is one of the most important soft skills in your profession. At the CBS International Business School, you will develop your skills in courses on project and team management. During a business project, in which you work on real or realistic cases with company representatives, you will also be able to demonstrate your skills directly in practice.

Master Thesis with our partners

In the part-time master’s programme “International Business – HRM & Leadership” you will write your thesis in the last semester, if you wish, as part of a company project.

Your path to becoming an HR specialist

After completing the part-time master’s programme “International Business – HRM & Leadership” you can take on new positions within the personnel management of national and international companies. Self-employment and the admission to a doctorate also offer further career prospects.

Counselling from one person to another

Take advantage of our advisory service offers such as informational events, a personal study consultation or a trial lecture.

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