IB - Entrepreneurship (M.A.)

Study language English Intake Spring + Fall Duration 4 Semesters
ECTS 120 Type of study Full-Time Qualification Master of Arts
Semester abroad Optional Internship Integrated Campus Cologne | Potsdam
Tuition (Cologne) 5.310 €* Tuition (Potsdam) 4.950 €* Financing More info >>
*The displayed prices are semester fees. For non-EU students' fees please check the tuition fees information page. Status: Jan 2020.

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Master Entrepreneurship as a specialisation within the International Business programme

Food is no longer ordered over the phone but through an app. Payment transactions are carried out via an online service. The rail system found itself up against competition from long-distance buses – because founders had a good idea and the courage to legally make it happen. Start-ups can be successful in many industries, and a start-up community is emerging in more and more cities. But not every company is founded on immediate success. What factors influence success? Which personal qualities do you need? This is learnable. The English-language Master’s programme, International Business at CBS International Business School with the elective specialisation, Entrepreneurship was created for people like you – for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are ready to take the next step.

Founding requires sound business knowledge

Anyone who establishes a company or enters a newly founded one needs comprehensive business administration skills. The prerequisite for taking up the Entrepreneurship Master’s Studies is a first academic degree in business economics. This is because we build upon your existing expertise and impart on you in-depth contents, which you should expect from a modern, challenging Master’s Degree. From you, we expect advanced English skills.

First learn to be a founder

In the first semester, you will learn the foundations for founding a company: How does someone go about finding ideas and market opportunities? In addition, you will learn how a business idea becomes a concept, what to consider in a business plan and what legal and financial challenges you will face. Equally important is the work on one’s own personality.

Digital thinking

Many start-ups are digital businesses. You will learn what kind of influence online and mobile have on business models but also how you can harness digital media. Many start-ups first received publicity through social media. The digital world also allows work to be distributed worldwide 24/7, thus enabling the formation of spontaneous, collaborative networks.

Facilitating growth

Growth requires plans and investments. In the course, “Finance & Growth” you will deal with types of financing, such as loans for start-ups or crowd funding, while also developing growth strategies and financial plans for expansion.

Entrepreneurship a step further

In the third semester, you will expand your social entrepreneurship horizon on an international level. You will analyse case studies and participate in seminars on sustainability and non-profit start-ups. This type of business start-up has the goal of solving societal problems and perhaps making the world just a little bit better. But the economic aspects must also not be neglected.

Using our networks

Due to the CBS‘ membership in the founder network cologne (hgnc), you have the possibility to take part in various start-up seminars and workshops. How to create a business plan and what do the financing possibilities look like? You can get answers to these questions and many more during the seminars. The hgnc’s extensive network of important economic partners is a big support as well: You receive helpful tipps and are able to connect with other entrepreneurs.

You want to get involved in activities outside the regular lectures and you are interested in the start-up industry? Or you already have an idea for a business project? In this case, the student initiative Entrepreneur Club is just right for you. During the weekly meetings aspiring founders can work on their ideas, exchange views with the other participants and apply their acquired knowledge into practice. In the initiative you get coached by professors as well as CBS alumni, who can tell you about their experiences in establishing their own business.

Get some advice, and then get started

Make an appointment for a personal study consultation or visit an info evening, a study information day or complete an open-house trial study.

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