Master of Arts Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Study language German Intake Fall
Duration 4 semesters ECTS: 120
Type of study Full-time Qualification Master of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Entrepreneurship in the Master`s: Postgraduate studies for prospective entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial spirit and start-up spirit are in demand in all companies today. Whether as FinTech or social business start-ups – start-ups create their own market with mostly digital business models or put established companies under pressure. In order to stay one step ahead of the market, creative minds are needed who, as internal entrepreneurs (“intrapreneurs”) or as external consultants, turn the company’s wheels in the direction of success.

Would you like to complete an in-depth course of study that optimally prepares you for the working world of founders and entrepreneurs? The German language Master`s “Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management” at CBS offers you an academically sound and practical foundation on which you can build your career as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.

Full-fledged Business Administration Master`s with focus on Entrepreneurship

Building on the knowledge gained from a first academic degree in economics, you will deepen your knowledge of “Economics and Economic Policy” and “(Global) Supply Chain Management” within the master’s programme. In the programme-specific teaching content, such as the module “Business Models in the Digital Context” or “Growth and Financing of Start-ups”, you will deal comprehensively with the challenges faced by companies in their start-up and growth phases and cover the following topics, among others:

  • Entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and innovation
  • Development of business ideas
  • Identification and evaluation of opportunities from ideas
  • Business Model Canvas and its nine components
  • Lean start-up and minimal product
  • Challenges of accelerated corporate growth
  • Company life cycle and growth strategy
  • From entrepreneurial tinkering to system development
  • Growth alternatives and their evaluation
  • Financial instruments and their use (from crowdfunding to IPO)

Master`s Entrepreneurship: Digitisation know-how for founders

In the master’s programme “Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management” the digital transformation and its effects on companies play a major role. Digitisation creates new market opportunities for innovative founders, medium-sized companies and corporations. How can these opportunities be identified? Which technologies are available? What ideas can you use to inspire customers? From the first semester onwards, you will deal with the effects and opportunities of the digital transformation and highlight digitisation trends such as:

  • Big/ Smart Data
  • Cloud computing
  • Industry 4.0/ Internet of things and services
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  • Cognitive computing
  • Augmented/ Virtual Reality
  • 3D printing

From crowdfunding to IPO: growth and financing of start-ups

Start-ups are a way for entrepreneurs to turn their vision into reality. For investors, on the other hand, they are ways to invest money as profitably as possible. The topic of financing is fundamentally different for start-ups from other companies, which sometimes have to accept high initial losses in the search for a functioning business model. During your Entrepreneur Master`s studies you will learn how start-ups (or internal departments) get the necessary amount of fresh capital at the right time and which growth alternatives are available.

The theoretical content of the course is illustrated by numerous case studies and guest speakers from the field and invites you to address the following questions: What mechanisms are there that function reliably? What effect do team structures have? For what reasons do some start-ups fail – and why do others take off?

Practical and international: Master`s in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Would you like to set up a start-up later? Or maybe you would like to work in the innovation department of a medium-sized company or large corporation? Use the opportunity of our eight-week internship in Germany or abroad to determine your next career steps and get a taste of start-up air. Prove your entrepreneurial skills in a team in our Business Simulation Game in the third semester and write your master’s thesis with practical relevance at a start-up or during your semester abroad.

Start-up-Spirit am Campus: Founders Factory und hgnc

At the CBS, we offer you the opportunity in our entrepreneur club, the student initiative Founders Factory, to regularly exchange information with fellow students, alumni and professors about start-up topics or your own business ideas. And what if you want to set up your own start-up during your studies? In April 2018, CBS took over the administrative office of the hochschulgründernetz cologne e.V. (hgnc), which offers free workshops and seminars on all aspects of business start-up. Especially interesting: The hgnc maintains a network of partners from the business world – ideal for making contacts.

Your career path after graduation in the Master`s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

In the course of your studies you will get to know yourself better: Are you the type to start your own business – maybe even with fellow students? Or are you attracted to a larger company to work in an innovation department or internal incubator? Or do you want to get to know many different industries after completing your Entrepreneur Master`s and start your career in a management consultancy? There is still time for this decision. We support you on this path during your master’s studies at CBS.

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