Bachelor GM - Leadership and Human Resource Management

Study language German Intake Spring + Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Major in Leadership and Human Resource Management (General Management)

It’s people that make a company successful. So working for a particular company must be made desirable, and having fun at work is a must even after years of employment. You also need to make sure that your knowledge and skills grow. In times characterized by a lack of skilled workers, longer working lives and very heterogeneous applicant structures; well-trained human resource managers, who have an understanding of human beings, motivation and leadership theories; are a must for many sectors.

At Cologne Business School, Human Resource Management is embedded in the General Management study programme – as the elective specialization, “Leadership and Human Resource Management” starting in the 3rd semester. In addition to the high level of Business Administration basics at one of the best business schools in Germany, you gain a lot of expertise – from labour law to trends in human resource and corporate leadership – as well as business ethics and performance incentives. Also with regard to international human resource and corporate leadership. And as for practical orientation, we’ve also got you covered: current studies and scientific models, case studies from the real business world, guest speakers and an internship after the second semester.

All facets of human resource management

We prepare you for a professional life on the other side of the job interview table – as well as on how your own employers become interesting for newcomers through human resource marketing. You deal with companies of various sizes and backgrounds in order to handle any professional situation using the right tools. In supplementary soft skills courses, you will train your negotiation skills and learn to behave with self-confidence as you practice presentations – after all, you will want to push through your own ideas and strategies in your career. This self-confidence will also come in handy should you have to lead unpleasant discussions with personnel.

Fit for corporate leadership

Whoever can lead employees can also run the entire company. This is why Human Resource Management at CBS goes beyond just human resources as it includes a great deal of content related to corporate leadership, such as planning, management and control of operational processes.

Acquire an international perspective

A Human Resource Management study at CBS provides you with insights into the international workplace, finished off right with the appropriate English skills. And it does not hurt that the students at CBS come from many countries and contribute first-hand knowledge. Even more internationality is also possible when you study Business Administration in English at CBS as part of the International Business study programme, which also includes a semester abroad.

Pick a second area of expertise for your major

You still have one area of specialization to choose; the decision is entirely up to you. For corporate leadership and HR Management all areas are suitable.

Financial Management: controlling, risk management and more
International Management: foreign trade, market entry and more
Marketing Management: consumer behaviour, product policy and more
Supply Chain Management: procurement, distribution and more
Business Psychology: consumer psychology, organisational psychology and more

Career. Go for it

Depending on a company’s size and structure means the tasks available to you in your professional career will vary completely. A medium-sized company in the manufacturing sector with a high proportion of skilled workers invests a lot of time in trainee recruiting and management of professional development. For temp agencies, HR management is the entire business model. And Internet companies look for the best university graduates worldwide, looking to poach experts from competitors. In some personnel departments there are opportunities in diversity management or as a feel-good manager. Or you can join the ranks of the company management. Our internal Career Service department can show you an overview of the newest career opportunities.

Counselling from one person to another

Take advantage of our advisory service offers such as informational events, a personal study consultation or a trial lecture.

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