Bachelor GM - Financial Management

Study language German Intake Spring + Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Major in Financial Management within the General Management Studies programmme

Business is based on figures. And those who keep track of the numbers can make it all the way to the top – many CEOs are former finance managers. Because understanding, interpreting and making the right decisions based on figures is what drives companies forward. Business graduates with financial management knowledge are in high demand for financial departments in companies or for financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and investment companies.

The General Management programme at Cologne Business School – a business administration studies programme – automatically includes the possibility to elect 2 main areas of focus. One of these can be a specialization in Financial Management. In semesters 3 to 6, you acquire financial expertise for controlling, risk management, corporate finance, company taxation and international accounting. In addition, you will get to know the areas of financial service providers (and their customers), such as derivatives and bonds, or gain insights into the mechanisms of the international financial markets. This way, you are highly prepared for a career – no matter which side you want to be on.

Acquire investment knowledge

Studying Financial Management also makes it possible to pursue a career with companies that manage and grow wealth: investment companies and mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and others that need to invest reserves wisely. For many of our students, the financial market is also a personal passion. Thus, the student CBS Finance Club was founded, which meets regularly for discussions, to listen to guest speakers from the financial world or to plan excursions to stock exchanges and shareholder meetings.

At the helm of business

Imagine a company that wants to grow. Financial experts are in the driver’s seat. You determine which paths are worthwhile. Whether to invest in locations or new machinery? The acquisition of a competitor at home or abroad? What yields the quickest return? What impact does this decision have tax wise, and where to get the money from? And when it comes to company acquisitions, the books have to be carefully scrutinized in order to discover hidden risks or potential. The work you do will set the course.

One of two special subjects

Specializing in one area is good, but so is comprehensive knowledge. At Cologne Business School you get the best of both worlds. Because in General Management, you not only choose one, but two out of six specializations.

International Management: foreign trade, market entry and more
Marketing Management: consumer behaviour, product policy and more
Supply Chain Management: procurement, distribution and more
Management and Human Resources Management: leadership, labour law and more
Business Psychology: consumer psychology, organizational psychology and more

Working in an international network

In almost every company, finances and internationality go hand in hand. Exchange rates vary by the second, the value of goods changes depending on receipt and dispatch of delivery; the costs for loans go up and down. So that later on in your career you are not only part of the conversation but also a shaper of it, English courses with a focus on business are also part of your studies in addition to international teaching contents. Want to learn another foreign language as well? No problem. A study at CBS offers this, too.

Alternative: International Business study

As an alternative, CBS also offers an international business administration studies in the English language. The main differences are: one elective specialization instead of two, and more importantly, a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the world.

The great world of career opportunities

With the elective specialization in Financial Management, you are making a statement for when you enter your career later on – namely, that you are able to take the initiative and set priorities on your own. And that is extremely attractive for employers.

Count on our advice

Master? Finance! We are happy to support you in choosing and planning your studies. Take advantage of our info evenings, study information days, a personal study consultation or visit a trial lecture.

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