IB – Marketing Management (B.A.)

Study language English Intake Spring + Fall Duration 6 semesters
ECTS 180 Type of study Full Time Qualification Bachelor of Arts
Semester abroad Integrated Internship Integrated Campus Cologne | Mainz
Tuition (Cologne) 5.310 €* Tuition (Mainz) 4.950 €* Financing More info >>
*The displayed prices are semester fees. For non-EU students' fees please check the tuition fees information page. Status: Jan 2020.

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Majoring in Marketing Management

Theoretically, the best product or the most attractive service should have no trouble succeeding on the market. Practically, however, the marketing is often decisive. Why is a particular detergent the market leader? Why does one business software company have fans and others just customers? Marketing is an art. And a science. The Marketing Management studies at CBS will teach you marketing from the ground up. From classic advertising to social media to digital marketing strategies. But these are only a few aspects – marketing managers today also need to master customer loyalty, procurement marketing and personnel marketing.

Your Marketing Management studies at CBS is a specialisation within the International Business studies. Instruction is held in English. In semesters 3 through 6 you will get to know the whole marketing spectrum. Knowledge about consumer behaviour and the management of customer relations as well as company communication forms the basis. In this way you are already prepared for a business project by the fourth semester: You will tackle a real task or work on a case study – and present your results at the end. Presenting ideas and results is one of the essential tools for your future career.

Managing relationships

Every company wants to attract and retain customer while also aiming to ensure a good relationship with suppliers, employees, applicants, investors and the general public. Managing these relationships is a task for marketing managers. And all disciplines are quite different. Those like online advertising and shop optimization can be measured very quickly and easily, while others such as sponsorship and pure image advertising have an indirect impact. You will find out which goals are achievable with which measures. You will also learn about the latest marketing trends such as social commerce, marketing automation and the opportunities of the internet of things.

Sales process optimization

In marketing and sales, there are a lot of set screws, whose adjustment affects a business’s success. Which channels and what kinds of messages make sales happen? Which measures are inefficient? How is data best utilized? Your marketing management studies enable you to tackle challenges holistically. This is valuable knowledge that will benefit your future employer. And, of course, you as well.

We take internationality seriously

Today, marketing is international. In corporate headquarters, the focus is placed on global advertising campaigns, and marketing strategies are developed accordingly. Experts are needed who not only understand the world of marketing but also display intercultural competence. This is the advantage of the International Business studies at CBS: in addition to the instruction in English, plus an elective foreign language and classmates from around the world, an semester abroad at one of our partner universities is included as well where you will learn a different view of customer relationships. For example, in the USA, the pioneer country for most marketing trends. You also have a compulsory internship with a company. How about a company abroad or in the international marketing department of a German company?

Put your marketing career on the right track

As a graduate of the marketing management programme, you have the opportunity to enter the brand management of large consumer goods manufacturers, for example, where marketing is practically the most important department. You will have plenty of responsibility early on and can leverage this as a springboard to start your career. If you find that complex strategies along the entire value chain are what interest you, a globally networked, medium-sized company will be an interesting employer. Or you can focus on the analytical side of marketing and become a sought-after digital expert.

Counselling services for you

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding personal study advice at our info evenings or study information days. You can also take advantage of the chance to get to know CBS International Business School during a trial lecture.

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