Bachelor IB - HRM und Leadership

Study language English Intake Spring + Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full time Qualification Bachelor
Semester abroad integrated Internship integrated
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Focus on HRM and Leadership: Study Human Resources

What side do you want to be on in a job interview? A company’s success lies in the hands of its employees. And every company strives to have the best minds for the right positions. Naturally. But they all vie for that. The world over. International companies compete for the best talents in the world. Finding, retaining and developing employees – this is the task of HR managers. Studying Human Resources at CBS will take you there. Particularly in demand are experts who know and comprehend not only the business of personnel and the latest trends, but also understand the complex business world. Internationally.

Studying Human Resources at CBS is part of the International Business Studies where you will specialize in Human Resources Management and Leadership. Lectures are held in English. In semesters 3 to 6 you acquire HR expertise, starting with the fundamentals: recruiting employees, further education, personnel development and remuneration and reward management. Psychology and sociology? Also part of the curriculum. Starting with the 4th semester, you will apply your knowledge in a business project or case study. Here, you work on real or realistic projects and present these afterwards. You will also learn how digital talent management is currently changing the entire profession, which employer branding strategies are successful, and how important work-life balance can be.

Develop your own leadership skills

The human resources department in every company requires people with leadership skills. We will teach you leadership theories, how HR management works, how labor law differs between industries and from one country to another, and how you can become an ethical, socially responsible and successful leader.

Intercultural competence? All part of the package

In Germany, people include a photo and salary expectations when applying for a job. In the UK, photos are often frowned upon and the salary is already posted in the job advertisement. Personnel management is very different from one country to another. It’s a good thing you can get to know a country up close and personal at one of our partner universities during your semester abroad, a curriculum requirement. What’s more, you will also be able to earn your first spurs in professional life in a compulsory internship. Also abroad if you like. As for which university or company is best suited to your plans and needs is something you needn’t figure out on your own. We support you in choosing the right one.

Soft skills: a strong advantage

Studying Human Resources at CBS not only offers you theory and practice but also valuable personal skills. Soft skills. You will acquire these within courses throughout each semester. Personnel management requires a lot of fine feeling and rhetorical skills. Every applicant wants the job; most do not get it. Employees can be surprisingly tough negotiators when they know they are hard to replace. Recruiting cultures differ all over the world. And when you present a personnel development strategy to the board, you can benefit from presentation skills.

Your career path starts where careers are day-to-day business

Studying human resources brings you in contact with the HR departments of interesting companies thanks to the network of CBS business partners. And that’s where you want to be. With an international degree from CBS and excellent English skills, you have amazing career opportunities. At a large, international company, you can specialize in a particular area, such as promoting talent, diversity management or strategic personnel management. In a medium-sized company, on the other hand, all-rounders are in demand, who can weave together all the threads in human resources – at all locations worldwide. The professional world is all yours!

Counselling services for you

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding personal study advice at our info evenings or study information days. You can also take advantage of the chance to get to know Cologne Business School during a trial lecture.

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