Business Psychology (B.Sc.)

Study language English Intake Spring + Fall Duration 6 semesters
ECTS 180 Type of study Full Time Qualification Bachelor of Science
Semester abroad Integrated Internship Integrated Campus Cologne | Mainz
Tuition (Cologne) 5.370 €* Tuition (Mainz) 5.070 €* Financing More info >>
*The displayed prices are semester fees. For non-EU students' fees please check the tuition fees information page. Status: Jan 2020.

Study Course Plan

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Specialists for psychology in business contexts

What kind of environment do employees need for their optimal development? And how can teams be led effectively?  The economy is one of the largest employers of business psychologists. For example, with their specialist knowledge of psychological and economic interrelationships, they play a major role in helping companies to better understand their customers and employees, and in establishing a good working atmosphere. As a bachelor student of “Business Psychology” at the CBS International Business School, you will acquire the basics of business administration and economics, strategic management and psychology. After graduating in Business Psychology, you can take on higher management positions in marketing, management consulting or human resources departments.

Sound knowledge of business administration as a professional basis

In our Business Psychology course you will acquire specialist knowledge for your international management career: During the first semesters you will be introduced step by step to the basics of financial accounting, business basics and microeconomics and will deepen this knowledge in relevant fields of application such as “market research” and “strategic and international management”. Other focal points include:

  • Media and Consumer Psychology
  • Personality Psychology and Management
  • Strategic and International Management
  • Marketing and Human Resource Management
  • Psychology and the Workplace

Focus on international careers

With our English-language bachelor programme, you can already set the course for your career in an international context: from the first semester onwards, you can learn a second foreign language or improve your Business-English skills. With our optional subject areas and courses, such as “International Human Resource Management” and “Global Supply Chain Management”, you also have the opportunity to specialise at an early stage so meeting the requirements of your prospective employer of choice. The 5th semester is reserved for your semester abroad at one of over 120 CBS partner universities worldwide, where you can further optimise your intercultural skills.

Business skills training for a confident appearance

Whether in a job interview or at an important final presentation – with convincing charisma and rhetoric you will always be successful in working life. A confident appearance is the sum of your experience and specific training courses in which you can improve your skills. At CBS, we offer the following business skills training courses:

  • Scientific Working and Study Skills
  • Rhetoric and Presentation Skills
  • Business and Society

Your career opportunities with a degree in Business Psychology

The demand for academically trained business psychologists has risen sharply nowadays. Since they are the first point of contact concerning people’s behaviour in an economic context in companies, your skills and knowledge will be needed in all sectors, for example in the HR departments of companies, personnel service providers, personnel consultancies, marketing and advertising agencies, management consultancies, media companies, market-, opinion-, and trend-research companies, and the market research departments of companies.

Extensive advisory services

We support you in making your decision. In a non-binding study consultation, you can clear up any questions you may have concerning the course of the studies, application or financial aid. Or you can speak to us at an informational event. And to find out what studying at one of the best business schools in Germany feels like, come to a trial lecture or two.

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