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Sustainability and digitalization are influential megatrends fundamentally transforming processes in our economy. Sustainability requires digitalization and vice versa. The transition is a chance for every company to introduce changes and improvements that are long overdue.

Many companies look for consultancy to tackle these crucial business issues. And they are looking for partners with bright ideas and access to the latest business research insights to challenge the status quo.

That is why we founded conCBS, the student-assisted Cologne Business School consultancy.

conCBS represents a unique consulting company, due to the close interaction between research, teaching, academic methods and business leaders’ wide-ranging expert knowledge.


Enrich your studies

conCBS provides students from the Cologne Business School with the opportunity to put the knowledge acquired during their studies into practice and to establish contacts with interesting companies. Students are a necessary and respected part of the team – but they do not act on a stand-alone basis.

Practical experience, next level

Studying at CBS always integrates practical experience. Numerous lecturers have a great track record of business experience and the study programmes are filled with real-world cases. Internships give you the chance to gain insights into the business world and guest speakers open your eyes for the challenges businesses face today. Working with conCBS takes your practical experience to the next level because the projects are real jobs where you earn real money.

“Through the interdisciplinary teams a lively exchange takes place within the conCBS projects. Not only do the students benefit from the professors’ experience. The students bring new, fresh perspectives with them, as a result of which the participants with more practice experience are given new perspectives and views.”
– Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers, Director conCBS

Christoph Willers

„Did you work during your studies?“ “Yes, as a Student Consultant”

Before starting a job or side job you should always ask yourself if it just brings money or if it brings experience as well. Working with conCBS brings you both. When you are assigned to a project you are part of a great interdisciplinary team. This is your opportunity to contribute your knowledge and your personality. To ensure high-quality consultancy services to the clients all teams are led by experienced professors or lecturers. This is also beneficial for you because you experience what it really takes to succeed in business.

For becoming a part of the conCBS team you will need to be matriculated at the CBS. Preferably you should have started with a master degree course or at least be in the fourth semester of your bachelor program.

next generation consulting


Director conCBS

Prof. Dr. Christoph Willers

+49 (0) 221 93 18 09-31

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