Bachelor of Arts in General Management

Study language German Intake Spring + Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Study Business Administration: General Management

Business Administration. The classic. Studying Business Administration prepares you for a great number of career opportunities without your having to decide at the beginning of your studies: Corporate Management? Marketing? Finance? Supply Chain? Everything is possible. But not all degree programmes are comparable. A Business Administration study at Cologne Business School means studying at one of the leading business schools in Germany. Every course, every elective, every professor and the whole environment are geared towards business. This focus will take you further.

Fundamentals plus specializations plus soft skills

The basics of business management and economics are there from the beginning: Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, Commercial Law, Market Research, Micro- and Macroeconomics and much more. This provides you with an understanding of how strongly the individual areas are interlinked. A special feature at CBS is that you choose an additional 2 elective specializations from a choice of 6 as of the 3rd semester.

Up-close and practical: teaching and compulsory internship

Theories and current research are the basis for entrepreneurial activity. But when you start working or become self-employed, putting knowledge into practice is a must from the first day forward. That is why we at CBS place a lot of emphasis on the practical relevance, i.e. with business simulations, practical projects, guest lectures, excursions and, of course, teaching contents closely related to the real-life business world. And since almost every profession requires the use of English daily, language courses are part of every semester. A second foreign language is also possible but not mandatory. In an eight-week compulsory internship after the second semester, you will get to know the business world first hand. Our Career Services will help you secure an exciting internship at a renowned company.

Forging your career path with specializations

Cologne Business School teaches you to be decisive. This also applies to the course your studies should take – tailor it to your needs. With six specializations to choose from, you will select two: Will you decide based on your preferences? Combine fun and challenge? Will you choose complementary or contrasting subject areas? During a study consultation we will be happy to assist you in making your decision.

Financial Management: controlling, risk management and more International Management: foreign trade, market entry and more Marketing Management: consumer behaviour, product policy and more Logistic & Supply Chain Management: procurement, distribution and more Management and Human Resources Management: leadership, labour law and more Business Psychology: consumer psychology, organizational psychology and more

Hard currency: soft skills

One thing HR departments ask themselves with every application is: Is the applicant, who is coming fresh from university, ready for the demands of the business world? Suddenly, soft factors, or “Soft Skills” come into play. These are part of the course of studies: communication and negotiating skills, self-management, social behaviour in the company, teamwork, sales pitches… At CBS, you learn how to avoid the interpersonal pitfalls in your career.

Also in English: As the International Business Studies programme

Always worth a consideration: Our degree programme, International Business. The contents are comparable – but the study language is different; all courses are in English. There is also an international semester at one of our worldwide partner universities.

Career opportunities? As diverse as the economy

Business Administration studies at CBS can open doors. For example, in the management of a medium-sized company, where generalists are in demand. Or are you looking to start a career with an international company or a corporate consultancy, where your specializations are in demand? Our Career Services will help you get started in your career.

Our advisory services will help you along

Studying Business Administration makes a lot of things possible. Make an appointment for a non-committal study consultation and be advised on topics such as the course of studies, examinations, scholarships and financial aid. And we invite you to make use of other offers like the info evenings, study information days or trial lectures.

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