Sustainability Day 2019: “Sustainability is no longer enough”

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  20. November 2019

The CSR student team and the Center for Advanced Sustainable Management again brought green entrepreneurs to the CBS Campus for the fifth Sustainability Day: Lukas Kulemeier, founder of the CO2 offsetting start-up Treefy, showed strategies for reducing and offsetting personal CO2 footprints. Lavinia Muth, Corporate Responsibility Manager at ArmedAngels, presented the new “Circular strategy” of the Cologne eco-fashion label.

Lukas Kulemeier: Living carbon free

Lukas Kulemeier opened the event with a guest lecture on the effects of CO2 emissions on the climate and society. According to the entrepreneur it would be often neglected that the biodiversity of our earth is massively threatened by these effects: Two thirds of all known animal and plant species live in the tropical forests and are strongly threatened by inference into the ecological system.

As a reaction to this development, Lukas Kulemeier and Justus Formann have launched Treefy this year. The start-up compensates for personal C02 emissions through reforestation in exchange for a donation. This concept is already in great demand: Treefy has planted 500 trees all over the world.

Lavinia Muth: Introducing the circular economy

Lavinia Muth pointed out at the very beginning of her lecture that the textile industry is a dirty one: 70 million tons of old clothes are produced worldwide every year. Of this amount, 73 percent would be dumped or incinerated and 14 percent down-cycled. Thus, only one percent of all used clothing would be recycled in a closed cycle, which means that used clothes are separated into its raw materials and spun into new yarn. The Cologne label has now taken a first step with a pilot project and have already produced 700 “circular t-shirts”.

At the end of the Sustainability Day, the participants had the opportunity to network with the green entrepreneurs over finger food and soft drinks.

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