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Collect professional experience: thanks to the integrated internship

Get to know what professional life will bring

At Cologne Business School, we attach great importance to practical experience. Both in the Bachelor’s and in the Master’s study programmes, a compulsory internship is part of the curriculum. The reasons for this are quite simple: We want all students to gain practical experience in order to apply what they have learned in real situations. Companies pay attention to such practical experience when hiring. After all, how can the employees of personnel departments or specialist departments know whether you really know what kind of job you have applied for?
Employers familiar with CBS know automatically: here is an applicant who not only has theoretical talent, but who knows what is expected in the real world.

Internship: your career stepping stone

For employers, the offering of internships is often an investment with ulterior motives. In contrast to a job interview, companies have weeks over the course of an internship to get to know possible candidates for future positions. Can the person work independently? Does he/she look for and complete tasks proactively? Does he/she wait passively in silence for work orders to arrive? Do not underestimate the value of an internship. It is a company’s assessment center. Of course, the same is true the other way around; you also have the ideal opportunity to see whether or not a particular corporate culture is conducive to how you work. What’s more, you can also see whether the career path you are striving for would be possible in this company.

Support and preparation

Companies appreciate Cologne Business School, and just as an example, specifically target our students as candidates for internships. Some of these offers are even exclusive. Current offers can be found on our internal jobs website and on our jobs message board. We also encourage you to look for an internship on your own either in Germany or abroad. Follow your interests! Or let company representatives visiting CBS at career events inspire you. Perhaps you will discover an exciting profession you otherwise would not have found interesting just by reading a job advertisement.
Regardless of which company you ultimately choose, CBS Career Services is here to assist you with the evaluation of job offers as well as with the preparation of your application documents. We help you avoid mistakes and give you insider tips on dos, don’ts and unwritten rules. But as for the application itself, that’s still your job.

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