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Career Services shows you the way to your career

Those who take up a practice-oriented study at a renowned business school like CBS usually do so for a good reason: to facilitate their career. If you look at the career paths of successful people, being lucky and the fortunate coinciding of random events will certainly come into play for some. But experience shows that planning is the key to success. We support you along the way – on the one hand through the contents of the courses but also outside the lectures. A prime example of this is the Career Services department at Cologne Business School.
Our colleagues support you in coming up with career ideas and then steering your career in the right direction – right from the start. To this end, we network with companies and have a CBS-exclusive internship and job vacancies exchange.

Expansive network

The CBS Career Services has been operating successfully for many years in order to expand the network of partner companies. Career Services staff meet with company representatives and advise them about the advantages that a cooperation with CBS could have for them. Several companies appreciate access to the excellently trained and motivated CBS students and provide internships and job offers. This means you have the opportunity to apply to companies that are specifically targeting CBS students.

Assistance in securing internships

Whether bachelor or master, English-language or German-language, most of the CBS study programmes include a compulsory internship, so you can put your freshly acquired knowledge to practice while contemporaneously becoming familiar with the daily grind at an interesting company. Career Services advises you on which internships, companies and departments at home or abroad best match your qualifications and career goals as well as when and how you should apply, which of course, you will have to do for yourself. After all, when it comes to presenting yourself, the best person for the job is you.

Choosing the right job

Because it’s their day-to-day work, our Career Services knows the job market for future specialists and managers at home and abroad and uses its network to secure job offers. We assist you in viewing and evaluating offers and optimizing your application documents. And we also have plenty of good tips when it comes to preparing for job interviews.

Career Events

We regularly invite experts from the business world to present their companies and tell their own success stories. First-hand. How often do you get the opportunity to meet a respected founder personality anyway? Career Events are there for you to broaden your horizons, get ideas for your own future and perhaps even find inspiration for a thesis.

Design your career

Why just attend networking and recruiting events when you can be the one organizing them? Our career event, University2Business (U2B) is organized by the students themselves. After being recruited, companies then present themselves to students, for example at a speed lunch; a workshop; a presentation and, of course, a small in-house trade fair. In addition, there are top-class guest speakers. Your commitment can become a real door opener, since you will be dealing with several responsible representatives from many HR departments – in person and not just via email application.

Portfolio of the CBS Career Services

We offer for all our students individual career counseling sessions where you have the chance to talk directly to one of our Career Advisors.
They will check your application documents, talk about your internship possibilities or even discuss your job entry options after you have graduated.

Along with workshops on topics such as “Cover Letter and CV Writing”, we also offer simulated job interviews in cooperation with representatives from companies. Take this unique opportunity to practice job interviews under “real” conditions and get honest feedback from industry representatives.

Numerous domestic and multi-national companies in various sectors are on the lookout for young talent and regularly post offers for internships and jobs. These classifieds are available on our internal job site.

For companies: You can create your company profile and publish your job vacancies here.

Whether integrated into the classroom or in the context of Career Services Events: Become an expert in your field! Not only will you get to know companies up close, you can also discuss practical issues in person with experts.

Along with presentations and workshops events like University2Business (U2B) and Meet & Mix also offer the opportunity for personal talks with company representatives.


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