Master of Arts in Intercultural Management

Study language English Lecture start winter semester
Duration 4 semesters ECTS: 120
Type of study full-time Qualification Master of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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16. Feb

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Intercultural Management Master

Companies with employees from differing countries often report friction points among their co-workers. With globalization, the number of such incidents is on the rise. Contrasts occur between cultures of innovation and cultures of error. Legal and traditional backgrounds establish a different set of basic conditions. Management levels are either occupied according to performance, age, proportional representation, or affiliation to a social or economic class. In the English-language Master’s programme, Intercultural Management at Cologne Business School, you will learn how to deal with cultural diversity and prepare yourself to meet these challenges exactly either in middle or senior management levels of international companies and organizations. In the Intercultural Management Master’s programme, you will deal with both economic aspects as well as cultural and sociological ones – all while improving your soft skills in unique courses like, for example, the team management field.

Creativity and marketing

In a course on creative thinking, you will learn creativity techniques that you can implement in your professional career to develop communication strategies and solve new challenges. Ethics in Business and Marketing are additional subjects, in which you will learn about approaches to dealing with stakeholders.

Practical application plus foreign languages

An important preparation for your professional life is that the study programme is held completely in English, supplemented by a course in Business English as well as another foreign language. With case studies and a workshop, you will learn from concrete examples from the real business world. And in a business project, you will work on your own case. An internship lasting at least eight weeks gives you the opportunity to directly learn about a specific aspect of intercultural management at a company abroad. Our Career Services support you in choosing the internship. You write your Master’s Thesis in the fourth semester, for example, in the context of a project at a company, or you use the opportunity to write the thesis during a semester abroad at one of our partner universities.

Business management knowledge is the foundation

How are intercultural differences involved in the entrepreneurial context? This is the key question in Intercultural Management. Therefore, this CBS study programme also includes business administration and management subjects, such as Business Economics, Innovation and Change Management and Accounting.

The human factor in business

In the first semester, you acquire knowledge about intercultural communication and how this is handled in organizations. In the second semester, you will be dealing with approaches and mechanisms of corporate culture, cross-cultural human resources and applied diversity management. One example of the way cultural management is embedded in business processes is the question, “How to go about setting goals for business units?” The focus will be on whether a cultural group is characterized by individualism or collectivism.

Eligibility requirements

The prerequisites for admission to the Intercultural Management Master are a first academic degree in economics or social sciences and advanced English skills.

Career opportunities thanks to a Master’s in Cultural Management

Intercultural Management is an interdisciplinary study programme and enables careers in globally operating companies (e.g. in human resources, marketing, diversity management, project management, business development), in corporate consultancies, in an international organization / NGO or in cultural management. The Master’s degree also qualifies you for an academic career, making you eligible to pursue a doctorate.

Our advisory services

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