Master of Arts in Digital Marketing

Study language English Lecture start winter semester
Duration 4 semesters ECTS: 120
Type of study full-time Qualification Master of Arts
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated

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Digital Marketing Master: Your studies in Cologne

In many sectors, digital marketing is no longer just window dressing for traditional marketing but has become part of the strategic direction – particularly for globally operating companies in almost all sectors of the economy. As the diversity of digital media increases, there is a contemporaneous need in middle and upper management for experts who master both individual disciplines while also bringing management and leadership qualities to the table. The English-language Master’s programme, Digital Marketing at Cologne Business School enables you to pursue a career filled with opportunities thanks to general and profound knowledge and well-trained soft skills.

A business studies foundation makes the difference

YouTubers and influencers come and go – those who stay are those who control all the strings. Managers in digital marketing need solid business management skills to make economically viable decisions. With your Digital Marketing Master, you can expect to find teaching contents like Business Economics, Strategic Analysis and Management, Corporate Governance and Accounting.

From strategy to storytelling

You will learn how to develop an internationally viable digital strategy – across channels and countries – and to communicate using planned storytelling techniques. In the course, Digital Content Creation, you will deepen your knowledge of how content is generated from ideas. In order for you to master the digital marketing keyboard completely, you will deal with techniques and tools such as website optimization, search engine marketing, conversion optimization and marketing analytics.

Social Media meistern

In your course of studies, you will expand your knowledge in the areas of social media management and monitoring in order to develop effective messages in the professional world and to broadcast through the appropriate channels. How significant this knowledge is can be seen by the fact that some companies choose to spend a large part of their advertising budgets on digital influencer marketing, making digital marketing a key corporate component with its influence on both company and product strategies.

Achieve goals

Big data and targeting offer the possibility to broadcast advertising messages in a targeted manner and to control messages touchpoint sensitively throughout Omni-Channel Commerce. Such course contents await you starting in the third semester. Here, you will also address the question: in which cases is targeting actually the ideal solution?

Your competitive advantage: excellent English

Being that English is the study language and Business English on the agenda, you will achieve a mastery of international business vocabulary and industry-specific nomenclature – that is very useful. After all, almost all digital innovations and trends come from the USA. You will also learn a second foreign language.

Strong practical reference

You can apply your freshly acquired expertise in a business project. See how you measure up with others in a business simulation game. And gain insight into the real digital economy during an eight-week-minimum internship. You can also give practical relevance to your Master thesis, which you write in the fourth semester, perhaps within the framework of a corporate project. Alternatively, there is the possibility to write the master thesis during a semester abroad. Maybe in California?

Your skills

Prerequisites for admission to the Digital Marketing Master’s Programme is first academic degree in economics and advanced English language skills.

Good career opportunities

With a Digital Marketing Master’s degree you are an expert in the integrated use of digital media in marketing. This makes you interesting for (management) positions in operative and strategic marketing at international corporations as well as for content providers and agencies, ad-tech companies and media agencies – or perhaps your path will lead you to entrepreneurship. The media management faculty supports you in cooperation with the entrepreneurship chair at CBS and the hochschulgründernetz cologne (hgnc).

Prof Dr Klemens Skibicki in the expert interview

Transmedia expert Jeff Gomez guest at the CBS Campus via live switch

Marketing Day 2018: Four trends for marketing in the digital age

Consultation? Non-digital

Make an appointment for a personal study consultation. You can also sit in on a trial lecture or come to an info evening or study information day.

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