Bachelor GM - International Management

Study language German Intake Spring + Fall
Duration 6 semesters ECTS: 180
Type of study full-time Qualification Bachelor
Semester abroad optional Internship integrated
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Major in International Management within the General Management Studies programme

The world of business is interlinked globally. Just about every company maintains business relations abroad – these may be locations, clients, partners or suppliers – mostly all of the above. From medium-sized companies to global players, all companies face the challenge of taking into account cultural, political and economic conditions across all markets – all while facing enormous competition, because on the world market with ever increasing free trade and ever faster logistics, it’s always the better offer that wins. Companies are looking for experts who take on challenges with excitement, knowledge and vigour. You perhaps? If you study Management.

As part of the General Management programme at Cologne Business School – a business administration studies programme – you choose 2 main areas of focus. One of these can be the subject of specialization, International Management. From the 3rd semester onwards, you will learn how international management works. Which strategies are promising when entering a new market? How to deal with businesses abroad? How are companies managed transnationally? How to form strategic alliances? As a graduate, you will be in a position to take on management responsibilities in an international company. And you will know how to deal with business partners and employees – these topics are also part of the study programme.

 Understanding and exploiting the benefits of world trade

In some countries, services are good and cheap; in others, it’s the cost of labour. And some countries purposefully promote outposts. International Management is always a weighing and evaluation of options and combinations. These questions will also be dealt with in your Management studies at CBS.

Internationality is the foundation

Studying Management with a clear orientation. Thanks to a clear commitment to internationality, stand out above the rest after completing your studies and look for the truly interesting positions on the global labour market. In addition, you will have good English skills – English courses are part of the course of studies. A second foreign language? You can learn one of these as well. And a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the world is also an option.

Select your second main area of focus

Which of the remaining specializations do you find attractive? Hint: Many students choose Supply Chain Management or Financial Management. Content-wise, these are nearly ideal complements.


Financial Management: controlling, risk management and more
Marketing Management: consumer behaviour, product policy and more
Supply Chain Management: procurement, distribution and more
Management and Human Resources Management: leadership, labour law and more
Business Psychology: consumer psychology, organizational psychology and more

Even more international: International Business Studies

At CBS, you have the opportunity to go one step further towards internationalization with the International Business Studies programme in the English language. Instead of two specializations, you only choose one, and a foreign semester is mandatory. You will automatically be familiar with all the nomenclature thanks to the lectures held in English. But that’s not all. You will acquire another foreign language, which is also part of the study programme.

The world you work in? The whole world!

With the International Management specialization, you can show your potential employers where you see yourself in the future: at the interface between markets. Conceivable positions would be at a German company that does a lot of business abroad – and is looking to fill positions at its headquarters or foreign locations. Or at the German branch of a global corporation that relies on local expertise and big-picture thinking. There are several of such companies. With the best contacts in business, our Career Services department is happy to support you in your career planning.

Our first-class advisory services

If you are still unsure whether studying Media management is the right thing for you, how the programme is set up or what financial support or scholarships are possible; our in-house informational events and personal study counsellors are at your disposal. Or you can test out the programme in a trial lecture.

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