Prof. Dr. Julia Maintz

Academic Dean of Digital Media Management

Subject Leader Marketing & Market Research

Professor of International Management and Internet Economics

Campus: Cologne

Phone: +49 (0) 221 93 18 09-873


Media Management

  • Bachelor- und Mastertutorien Medienmanagement
  • e-Commerce
  • Internet Economics
  • Online and Social Media Management
  • Open Innovation and Co-development

Latin America Management

  • Cultures and Societies in Latin America
  • History of Latin America
  • Economic Development in Latin America
  • Introduction to the Latin American Region
  • Latin American Business and Management
  • Politics in Latin America

Internet Economics
Open Innovation and Co-Development
Media Management
Augmented Reality: Business Models
Latin America Management

Book Series “Internet Economics/ Internetökonomie”, LIT

7/2006: PhD in Economic Geography
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

4/2002: MA in Geography, Spanish Philology, Philosophy
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

4/2001-9/2001: University of Victoria, B.C., Canada
Research for Master Thesis

10/1998-6/1999: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Sokrates studentship

10/1996-2/1997: Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Erasmus studentship

Since 8/2013
Dean of Media Management Department

Since 8/ 2011
Professor of International Management and Internet EconomicsHead of Media Management/ InnovationCBS International Business SchoolSince 4/ 2007LecturerUniversity of Bonn (since 4/ 2007); CBS International Business School (since 2/2011); Fresenius Hochschule/ University of Applied Sciences Cologne (summer semester 2011)4/2004 – 9/2007Research Fellow (Post-doc) University of Bonn, Socio-Economics of Space

  • Innovation Studies
  • Learning Processes in Social Network Sites
  • Company Collaboration Tools
  • Collaborative Virtual Environments
  • Governance of Internet Networks
  • e-Learning

11/ 2007 – 10/2009
Program Manager of Microsoft’s e-Learning Platform “IT Academy” for the German Market
Program Manager of Microsoft’s Software Download Program “Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance/ MSDN AA” for the German Market
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

  • Business Development
  • Coordination of Sales Partners and Operations
  • Management of PR, Marketing, and Process Optimization Projects

7/2002 – 3/2004
UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical & Vocational Education and Training

  • Knowledge Management Initiative in Southern Africa
  • Research Study on Governmental Funding Agencies

11/2002 – 6/2003
Capacity Building International/ InWEnt, e-Learning Center

Editor of Book Series “Internet Economics/ Internetökonomie“, LIT

Adi, M.-M. (2014). The Usage of Social Media in the Arab Spring: The Potential of Media to Change Political Landscapes throughout the Middle East and Africa. Internet Economics 8 (edited by J. Maintz). Münster, LIT (forthcoming).

Baum, J. L. (2014). Mobbing 2.0: Eine kultursoziologische Betrachtung des Phänomens Cyber-Mobbing. Internet Economics 5 (edited by J. Maintz). Münster, LIT (forthcoming).

Neises, L. (2013). Social CRM in the Airline Industry: Engaging the Digital Natives. Internet Economics 7 (edited by J. Maintz). Münster, LIT.

Trost, E. (2013). Social Media Marketing in BRIC Countries: Examining Case Studies of BMW, adidas, and NIVEA. Internet Economics 6 (edited by J. Maintz). Münster, LIT.

Baum, J., Maintz, J. und Raueiser, M. (2013). Heterarchische Organisation von e-Governance: Kollaborative Entwicklung von Produkt- und Prozessinnovationen aus der Sicht von Netzwerkforschung und Innovationsmanagement. In Slapio, E., Habbel, F.-R. und A. Huber (eds.), Wertschöpfung für die Wirtschaft: Was der öffentliche Sektor tun kann, um Unternehmen bei der Wertschöpfung durch öffentliche digitale Daten, Verwaltungsleistungen und offene Standards zu unterstützen (S. 35-45). Glückstadt, vwh.

Bry, F., Cap, C., Dahm, I., Maintz, J., Schaffert, S. (Eds.).(2010). “Dagstuhl manifesto: Digital social networks.” Informatik Spektrum 33(4): 404-416.

Maintz, J. (2010). “On the locality of virtual networks: Informal learning in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Leibniz Center for Computer Science Dagstuhl, Dagstuhl Research Online Publications Server DROPS, Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings 10041.

Maintz, J. (2009). Blending spaces: Actor-network interactions of an Internet-based e-learning course. Gesellschaft und Kommunikation – Soziologische Studien. Münster, LIT.

Maintz, J. (2008). “Relationalität und räumliche Dynamik von Risiken. Ein bioterroristisches Szenario aus Perspektive der Actor Network Theory.” In: Felgentreff, C. und T. Glade (Eds) Naturrisiken und Sozialkatastrophen. Grundlagen und Herausforderungen der Gefahren- und Risikoforschung. Berlin, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag: 411-419.

 Maintz, J. (2008). “Synthesizing the face-to-face experience: e-Learning practices and the constitution of place online.” Social Geography, Theme issue “Global Mobilities and the Knowledge Society” 3: 1-10.

 Grabher, G., Maintz, J. (2006). “Learning in personal networks: Collaborative knowledge production in virtual forums.” In: Hof, H. und U. Wengenroth (Eds) Innovationsforschung – Ansätze, Methoden, Grenzen und Perspektiven. Münster, LIT: 187-201.

Maintz, J. (2004). Agencies for International Cooperation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Bonn, UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre.

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