Semester start for bachelor students at Cologne Business School

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  4. October 2018

Six weeks after the semester opening ceremony for Bachelor, Master and MBA programmes in English around 100 freshmen of the Bachelor programmes General Management and Business Psychology in German started their first semester at Cologne Business School this week. Around 400 guests came to the traditional opening ceremony in Cologne’s botanical garden.

After a brief welcoming by the hosts Lea Recktenwald, bachelor student of Business Psychology, and Valentin Güttler, Master student of General Management, Prof Dr Irene López, Dean of Business Psychology, and Prof Dr Anja Karlshaus, Dean of General Management, opened the ceremony with a speech to the students. They emphasized, among other things, the Cologne Business School’s claim to sustainable management: “At the CBS we attach great importance to responsible corporate management and develop our students into competent decision-makers who take their social role seriously and find solutions to the economic problems of our time.”

Hans-Werner Bartsch, Mayor of the City of Cologne, was the Guest of Honour at the semester opening and gave a welcoming speech to first-year students, in which he discussed the advantages of Cologne as a university and business location: “Cologne is a dream city. Despite its more than 2,000 years of history, it is a young city because people like you keep it young and dynamic. More than 60 percent of graduates of Cologne’s universities stay in the region after graduating, as they have come to appreciate Cologne and its good prospects.”

In his speech, Thomas Deloy, Head of Marketing/PR at the private brewery Gaffel Becker & Co. OGH, confirmed the advantages of a local employer: “When I go out on the street in Cologne, I see the results of my work every day”. The Head of Marketing and PR presented in particular the history of the company and the marketing strategies of the traditional brand.

Laura Schulze, a member of the CBS Marketing team, made a musical transition with her live performance to Annika Henne, Marketing Manager of SMP Nutrition and CBS Alumni. She motivated the students to get involved outside their studies, as she was offered a permanent position by participating in a Case Study Exhibition, which she wrote alongside her Bachelor’s thesis.

Prof Dr Christoph Willers, Managing Director of the Cologne Business School, appealed in his closing speech to the commitment of the first-year students: “Take advantage of the great opportunity to learn and broaden your horizons. You decided to study and to lay the foundation stone for a successful career. The Cologne Business School offers specialisation courses and non-university courses such as the Founders Factory to give you all the opportunities you need”.

After the official speeches, the Cologne Business School invited its guests to get to know the lecturers and fellow students at a get-together in the orangery of the botanical garden.

Photos: Constantin Ehrchen

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