Reifenhäuser guest lecture: Purchasing and logistics

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  4. April 2019

Guest lecturer Jörg Stolz gave a lecture on “Procurement and Logistics” to the students of the second semester as part of the CBS Bachelor’s programme “General Management”. In his company, Jörg Stolz is responsible for the “Procurement & Logistics” division of the internationally renowned plastics expert “Reifenhäuser Maschinenbau”. The Reifenhäuser Group has its headquarters in Troisdorf (North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany) and employs around 1,500 people worldwide. The core business is the construction of machines which, for example, produce a wide variety of films. The company has been in existence since 1911 and has a market-leading position with decades of experience in international markets.

Detailed insights into practice for first-year students

In its first year, the guest lecture offered CBS students a detailed insight into the complex processes of a globally operating company. Jörg Stolz explained how materials management at the Troisdorf company centre is divided into purchasing and warehousing. He also described how mobility management controls logistical challenges for vehicle fleets and travel planning. According to Stolz, in addition to costs and efficiency, the focus is always on internal and external customer satisfaction.

Qualification is of the utmost importance in controlling

Stolz also described the complex and powerful IT system world, which is a prerequisite for the permanent optimization of processes in the value chain. Complex relationships, such as those between inventories and current assets or between inventory changes and material availability, are usually determined computer-based. Controlling is only effective with concrete and automatically determined key figures; employees and tools may therefore not be qualified enough.

Recycling and networking – both must be possible   

Stolz was optimistic about the future and presented the Reifenhäuser Group’s purchasing strategy for the coming years in a practical manner. However, he pointed out that the world, and in particular the industry in which Reifenhäuser operates, must make more contributions to the recycling of plastics. He did not hide the fact that the construction of special machines is a very complex matter. He also explained what can sometimes make life difficult for his department. He underlined the importance of networks, whether internal or external.

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