In-depth insights into the future of work: excursion to Detecon

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  20. March 2019

The world of work is changing rapidly: Digital transformation is a key issue in businesses, management consultancies and universities. During an excursion on this year to the state-of-the-art offices of Detecon International, the leading German technology management consultancy with its global head office in Cologne, 19 students of the Cologne Business School (CBS) together with Prof. Dr. Ihar Sahakiants, Professor of International Human Resource Management at the CBS, had the opportunity to gain insights into the latest concepts. Most participants are in the sixth semester of the specialisation “HRM and Leadership” of the Bachelor’s programmeInternational Business. Additionally, (guest) students of the programs International Business, Business Psychology as well as General Management were invited.

The excursion was a perfect match for Prof. Dr. Sahakiants’ current lecture on “New Work Organization”: Detecon itself is reorganizing work environments under the motto “Smart Working” – in consulting mandates and especially in its own offices. At the Detecon headquarters in Cologne, the workplaces were transformed spectacularly so that everyone in the team can find the ideal working situation for the current task and switch between them as desired. Anyone who spends a lot of time working off-site can use a booking system to select workplaces during on-site days, and if a project team needs an inspiring co-working room over a longer period of time, it can be booked as well. The distinctive Detecon look was created by 15 artists: They made around 200 works of art distributed over the five floors, creating a unique atmosphere.

Prior to the guided tour of the rooms, Felix Bäsecke (expert in HR marketing at Detecon) and Samuel Schwab (business analyst and CBS alumnus) reported on their experiences with new forms of work from the perspective of the employee, of the consultant and on the change processes implemented for the clients.

Theory and practice

“Particularly for our sixth-semester students who are about to graduate, it is extremely interesting to get familiar with an impressive business case that matches the current lectures. Moreover, a contact with a renowned consultancy is certainly relevant from a career perspective as well,” says Prof. Dr. Ihar Sahakiants.

After the excursion, the participants returned to the CBS to discuss and evaluate their experiences in the context of the lecture. This is another great advantage of the CBS: With its headquarters in Cologne, a metropolis with over one million inhabitants, excursions to interesting companies and subsequent discussions within the framework of the corresponding lecture can take place on the same day.

Detecon International, a management consultancy with around 1,300 employees, is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group and advises large and medium-sized companies.

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