Guest article by Prof Dr Rembert Horstmann: “Logistics has a double problem”

All News, Faculty   -  13. August 2019

Start thinking a brand through – no more and no less demands Professor Dr Rembert Horstmann, Professor Marketing and Sales, of logistics enterprises in its technical contribution “The logistic brand problem” for the German weekly paper “Verkehr”. With over 25 years of management experience, including positions in logistics service companies, Professor Dr. Rembert Horstmann has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the industry with regard to brand management: According to the expert, logistics companies are often afflicted with image problems, are not regarded as “brands” and confuse their awareness with clear brand positioning.

He explains that brand management and branding are not only necessary for the credibility of the company, but can also become a real competitive advantage, using a simple rule of thumb: “Entrepreneurs should always bear in mind that well-managed brands generally also have a good reputation on the stock exchange.”

You can find the full article here.

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