Excursion to the economic power at the Yellow Sea

All Categories, Faculty, Inside CBS   -  2. October 2018

South Korea has an impressive history. After the Second World War Korea and Germany were separated into a communist and a capitalist state, with the difference that the Korean separation still exists today. After 1945 South Korea experienced an unprecedented upswing of one of the poorest countries into a modern industrial nation. This success can also be attributed to a policy of promoting the production of high-tech products, in particular for the export, promoted. Today, South Korean companies in this industry are taking a worldwide market-dominating position.

Reason enough for our students to discover the economic wonderland of the Han River themselves. Supported by the German Academic Exchange Service and Korea Tourism Organization seven Bachelor, Master and MBA students under the leadership of Hanno Martens, Lecturer for Tourism Management, and Dr Desmond Wee, Dean International Tourism Management, went on a twelve-day excursion. Its aim was to explore the strategies of the Tourism marketing and the East Asian business environment as well as to immerse themselves deeper in Korean culture.

Time for culture and culinary delights

For the initiators of the excursion, it was important not to specify a strict travel programme, such as Hanno Martens explains: “Twelve days are of course very short to get to know a country like South Korea. During our journey we concentrated on highlights and involved the students to select destinations. Some of them wanted to learn more about the cuisine in and from South Korea, which we made possible with two cooking courses with South Korean star chef Rockchef”, explained Hanno Martens.

Since none of the students had visited South Korea before, their image of the country was strongly influenced by media coverage: “I had imagined South Korea to be very modern and technology-oriented, which was confirmed on site. I particularly liked the trip to Busan’s Slum Village because it showed a completely different side of the country with its many works of art in public space,” said Philipp Hendrik Glasenapp, a student of the Master’s programme in International Tourism Management.

Visiting South Korean partner universities

The students also wanted to visit the CBS partner universities Hanyang University and Chung-Ang-University in Seoul as well as Daegu University in Daegu. They first visited the private research university Hanyang which ranks among the ten best universities in Korea and offers many English-language programmes for economists. CBS students were invited to an excursion with presentations and company visits organized by Hanyang University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Philipp Hendrik Glasenapp was enthusiastic about the reception: “It was exciting to experience a different perspective on topics such as social innovation and then discuss it with the students”. Philipp Hendrik Glasenapp was enthusiastic about this reception: “It was exciting to learn a different point of view on social innovation and discuss it with the students.”

At the Chung-Ang-University the group was impressed by the internationality of the private university: More than 30,000 students are enrolled at the university south of the Han river which offers a lot of English language courses for the internationals. Dr Desmond Wee’s visit to Daegu University was one of his personal highlights of the journey: He lectured at the university years ago and could tell the students about the personal atmosphere at the campus, so that each exchange student gets a Korean buddy for the time of the stay abroad.

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