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EMS Student Albert Wolf “goes global”

News   -  12. September 2018

Off to an international conference in Malaysia with a scholarship in his pocket

Kuala Lumpur, May 2018 – “Going Global” – this is exactly what Albert Wolf, a student in the General Management Bachelor programmeat the European Management School, is currently doing. And not for the first time!  At the age of thirteen, Wolf, who grew up in two different cultures, spent two years at a high school in Great Britain. Now, as a Bachelor student, he completed a semester abroad at BINUS University in Jakarta, Indonesia. “I’m an intercultural person,” Wolf says, who has been enthusiastically reporting on his experiences in Asia over the past four months. Starting with different study systems in Europe and Asia, different ways of thinking and on to a completely different infrastructure and social environment, he has become fascinated by the differences between the two continents. “I deliberately chose Indonesia because I wanted to get to know the remarkable contrast to Germany. The Indonesian education system is much stricter and characterized by harder rules; In Germany, the students are much more involved. In addition, I find it exciting and enriching to learn how methods of teaching and thinking differ in the respective countries. Studying abroad enables me to look at the world from a totally different perspective.”


It is exactly this that Albert Wolf is able to do with great success. At BINUS University, he applied for a scholarship to participate in the Going Global Conference 2018 and received one of two highly sought after seats for students. From the 2ndto 4thof May it was time. Albert Wolf traveled to Kuala Lumpur and participated as a student representative at the British Council’s annual conference held at the Petronas Twin Towers in the Malaysian capital. The conference is aimed at executives in international higher education as well as government officials, consultants and policy makers. It serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and network expansion as well as a forum for dialogue and discussion in preparation for political decision-making. The main purpose of the conference is to consolidate global standards in higher education, as well as to promote international partnerships, economic cooperation and social innovation in order to bring about local change in certain regions. The goal of strengthening and internationally networking higher education in regions such as South-East Asia, for example, by training talented and globally oriented graduates, is to promote social progress and stability as well as economic cooperation in the region.

For Albert Wolf, attending the conference was one of the highlights of his semester abroad, which he summed up as follows: “Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did I make friends here, I also traveled around and got to know the culture. ”

If you would like to read more, you can find a report from the conference as well as a detailed interview with Albert Wolf online.

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