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All Categories, Inside CBS   -  19. February 2016

The Crazy 77 is one of the funniest, and as the name already implies, craziest events of the I´StIP. It is a challenge where the international students have to walk through the city center while completing a list of 77 tasks. The rule is very simple, complete as many of them as possible, the question is: do they dare to do them all?

On Saturday 13th, the students gathered in the Central Station in the afternoon. Having more than 40 students joining the event, they made up six different teams. Immediately after explaining the rules, an energetic and motivated atmosphere was felt amongst the competitive teams. During the next three hours the teams had to complete all sort of activities involving climbing the “Dom”, singing a love song to a cashier, building a human tower, or asking for a glass of milk in a “Brauhaus”.

The teams gave everything they had during the competition, and didn’t let the rain nor the cold stand in their way of achieving their tasks. All teams gathered again after the time was up to hand in their lists. The points have been counted and the winner of the Crazy 77 will be announced in the next I´StIP event: Foodfair/Speakdating on March 12th.

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