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Inside CBS

All News, Inside CBS   - 22.08.2019
Surfer culture or Hollywood glamour - Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the USA. Clara Beggerow, a bachelor student...
All News, Inside CBS   - 20.08.2019
A fresh start - the winter semester 2019 at CBS. And as every year, the traditional New Students Integration Programme (N'StIP) took...
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All News, Faculty   - 21.08.2019
“Profit or sustainability?” There is only one answer to this question for Prof Dr René Schmidpeter, Dr Jürgen Meyer Endowed Chair...
All News, Faculty   - 13.08.2019
To think a brand to end - no more and no less demands Professor Dr Rembert Horstmann, Professor Marketing and Sales, of logistics enterprises...
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