6th CBS Career Day: HR & Supply Chain Management

All News, Inside CBS   -  27. September 2019

As one of the top network events in our calendar, this year’s Career Day invited renowned HR and purchasing managers to the CBS Campus for the sixth time.  Under the motto “HR & Supply Chain Management”, the event once again brought company representatives and students together.

Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich, President of the Cologne Business School, and Prof Dr Anja Karlshaus, Professor for Business Operations and Human Resource Management, welcomed guest speakers from Continental and Deutsche Telekom as well as other panelists from UPS, MBS Logistics, Jobteaser, Hilton, Qiagen, hkp group, kerkhoff group, Willis Towers Watson and bendesk to the CBS. The event focused in particular on the changed framework conditions for HR and supply managers as well as tips for career entry.

Petra Becker (Continental): Work on your profile!

As Vice President Chain Management at Continental, Petra Becker learned during her career how important regular market observation is: “Some skills which are in demand today are already reliable tomorrow. According to her, those employees who create their competence profile on the basis of market observation have the best career prospects.

Dennis Schmedt (Telekom): Stay flexible!

For the Senior Project Manager, HR Digital Innovation, future employees should be able to master the role change within their team: Agile working means taking on many roles – from technical expert to sparring partner. Where hierarchical levels become flatter, real teamwork instead of silo thinking is required today.

Serge van Vooren (Qiagen): Be mobile!

With more than twenty years of professional experience in purchasing, Serge van Vooren, Vice President Purchasing, has accompanied many young employees through their careers and considers foreign assignments to be one of the best challenges for young talents to grow beyond themselves both professionally and personally. Mobility – whether mental or spatial – is one of the most important requirements for career starters today.

Markus Kessler (UPS Western Europe): Be versatile!

Detours instead of shortcuts: For Markus Kessler, Director of Human Resources, the employees can score with working in a network, acting quickly and having a broad technical base. What used to be interpreted as a leap between positions and job profiles is now a clever move: the future of work relies on agile teams in which versatility is required.

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