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Inside CBS

All News, Inside CBS   - 13.02.2019
Götz Posner has planned his career "smart": As with the project management method of the same name, he has consistently pursued his...
All News, Inside CBS   - 12.02.2019
15 years ago, four Harvard students laid the foundation for today's networked world. Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz...
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All News, Faculty, Inside CBS   - 12.02.2019
From 1 April to 28 May 2019, the Kölner Wissenschaftsrunde (Cologne Round Table on Science and Humanities) will  invite participants...
All News, Faculty, Inside CBS   - 01.02.2019
Last week, the Cologne Business School welcomed national and international students to the university. The CBS International Office...
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