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South Africa Excursion of CBS und EMS Students

Alle Kategorien, Inside CBS   -  30. Juni 2015

From the 31st of May until the 11th of June 2015 19 students accompanied by Hanno Martens and Prof. Patrick Merten travelled to South Africa. In terms of study programmes the group was as diverse as the South African population and nature turned out to be. Students came from Cologne Business School and the European Management School in Mainz studying General Management, International Culture and Management, Economic Psychology, MBA or International Tourism Management. For a large majority of the group it was the first trip to South Africa. For many it was even the first trip to Africa at all. And now after the trip everybody is sure, it was definitely not their last trip to Africa.

Despite two rainy days in Cape Town after landing. According to the guide Hannu those days were simply bad luck and unlikely for Cape Town. Luckily for the excursion he turned out to be right. The planned activities were quickly rescheduled by Prof. Merten and the guide Hannu to fit the weather conditions.

The days in Cape Town and Knysna were completely filled with activities, comprised of a mix of touristy visits and competent presentations. Furthermore, the trip was planned in a way that the amazing culinary facets of South Africa were experienced almost every day. Reservations were prepared in various recommended restaurants. The Gold restaurant in Cape Town even motivated students to dance together with the African group touring through the restaurant with their drummers and dancers. Certainly, fish lovers must visit South Africa. Besides visiting Table Mountain, Cape Town Stadium, wine tastings, going sailing and on safari, the group visited the township Langa.

This was a special experience as nobody of the group would have expected to be welcomed and shown around a township, seeing so many happy and friendly people. In general the friendliness of South Africans is just as impressive as the amazing flora and fauna of the country. After some bad luck on the first safari a second one was added to the programme.

It turned out to be a great experience thanks especially to Giraffes running past and the entertainer guide Felix making everybody laugh. After 9 amazing but also tiring days the group headed back to the airport and flew back to Germany full of impressive memories and surely with hopes to come back to Africa soon.

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