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News   -  2. März 2018

My Erasmus, a decision that I will never regret

A decision that I will never regret

Doing a semester abroad during the studies is an enrichment and valuable experience in every country. We spend so much time being afraid of failure and regret is the thing that I fear the most. I am more than happy that I will never have to answer to “What if..”, “If only…” because I moved to Mainz, spent 4 amazing months of my life there and I enjoyed every minute of my stay.

I decided to spend my semester abroad at the European Management School (EMS) in Germany, more precisely in Mainz – the capital and largest city of the state of Rheinland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). All I knew about Mainz before I arrived (my arrival) was only the fact that the city is famous as the home of the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg and that Mainz belongs to the Rhein-Main area that means Frankfurt am Main is nearby.

During the semester I got to know a country that has an important position in the EU and all over the world, political as well as economical. Therefore, it also advantages to learn the German language which the EMS offers as a part of your study. German can be an advantage concerning business contacts and everyday life use – ja, nein, bitte, Prost, ein Bier, Schnitzel, Flammkuchen or Tor! So you should learn some German! To be honest, it was kind of easy to make friends here and I am very thankful for such a wonderful people I had around me!!! All the people at the EMS behaved like as one big family – the atmosphere at the school makes you feel welcomed.

Studying and living in Germany enabled me to do numerous activities and trips besides my studies. I visited most of the larger German cities with historical tradition, tried many traditional beverages and food. Furthermore, there are many different landscapes that have their own secrets and can fascinate on their own way. There’s just not enough time to experience and enjoy all the things Mainz and the surrounding area have to offer but I tried to see the most with the student ID card that you can use as a ticket for public transport (“Semesterticket”).

In which way the semester abroad is being done depends on the home university and you! My expectations have been exceeded! There was an amazing cultural diversity among students, the local population and tourists. I am so lucky that I could combine my studies at EMS with traveling around Germany with many exciting activities – Funzelfahrt, Bundesliga match, Beer Tour, Oktoberfest and many more experiences. Thank you, EMS, that I was 1 semester with you!

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