Prof. Dr. Anja Karlshaus

Dean of Business Administration, Corporate Management, Sustainable Management

Subject Leader Human Resource & Organization

Professor of Business Operations and Human Resource Management

Campus: Cologne

Phone: +49 (0) 221 93 18 09-43


Human Resources Management
International Human Resources Management
Business Operations I und II
WiWi Siegel

Strategic (HR-)Management
Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics
International HR-Management & Intercultural Management; HR-Management in selected cultures (Germany, Brazil, USA)

PhD in Business Administration at the European Business School; Thesis Topic: “Adoption of KPIs in the Strategic HR Management”; Degree: Dr. rer. pol. (“Summa cum Laude”)

Studies at the University of Cologne and the Santa Clara University (SCU) with the major subject of Sociology respectively Marketing and Economics (SCU); Degree: M.A. (Grade: Outstanding)

Lecturer at Europa Fachhochschule Fresenius, Cologne

Lecturer at European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel

Advisory Board Member at the “Institut für Deutsch-Brasilianisches Personalmanagement (TFH Wildau)”

Research Assistant at the Department of Economics (Santa Clara University, USA)

Research Assistant at the Research Institute of Sociology (Cologne) and at the Institute for Applied Social Research (Cologne)

From 1999 since today Project Manager / Team Leader at the Dresdner Bank AG (Frankfurt), Allianz Group (Munich) respectively Commerzbank AG (Frankfurt) with the following core areas of responsibility or in the following departments:

  • HR Strategy, Controlling & Research
  • HR Communication & Knowledge Management
  • Employment Market & Trends Research
  • Restructuring & Staff Reduction
  • HR-Processes & Risks (Sarbanes Oxley Compliance) / Project Management
  • Merger & Acquisitions

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Interviews and online publications:

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