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Students’ Parliament

Once per year, all students at Cologne Business School elect the Students’ Parliament (StuPa) democratically. The StuPa has the task of representing the students within the scope of the Hochschulgesetz [Higher Education Act] NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia] and is the managing students’ organ entrusted with external representation.

Our university’s current StuPa consists of seven students from various semesters and core subject areas. The targets followed by the StuPa are widespread. On the one hand, projects serve to promote and initiate university sports (so far, we have one soccer club, one basketball team and one dance team), and on the other hand we perceive expert economic, social and cultural issues and maintain cross-regional and international student relations. Therefore, StuPa is, for example, responsible for the structuring of contracts for the student tickets, supports the university management when selecting new lecturers and organises the summer festival.

Each member of the students’ parliament has a defined, specific task. For example two of the members are the Students’ Council. This is the chairmanship of the StuPa and is responsible for the coordination of communication with the CBS management and university management. Moreover, there is a budget committee, are persons responsible for external presentation, members of the appeals commission and of the Mensa committee. Moreover, each StuPa member is in charge of one or more projects, such as organising the summer festival or the mentoring programme for students in their first semester.

The StuPa projects are financed from a contribution of currently 10 € per semester from the students.

Do you have questions or are you interested in more information about your studies, your fellow students, the lecturers or the university in general? The StuPa is happy to help you.

Studentenparlament CBS

The elected StuPa-representatives in summer 2015
Front Row: Isabelle Werner, Jean-Marc Fey, Kim Verena Schweegmann
Back Row: Konstantinos Vassiliadis, Robin Rudolph, Lukas Herwig, Alexander Faust

The individual roles:

President: Jean-Marc Fey, BA GM FIM
Vice President: Konstantinos Vassiliadis, BA GM UuP 13
Treasurer: Lukas Herwig, BA IB MAM 14
Deputy Treasurer: Isabelle Werner, BA GM UuP 13
Head of Initiatives: Robin Rudolph, BA IB FIM 1414
Appointment Commission: Kim Verena Schweegmann, BA GM WP 13
Public Relations: Alexander Faust, BA IB MCO 14


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