Symposium on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the 21st Century”

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Cologne Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR for short – and corporate sustainability are issues receiving more and more attention in business, academia, politics and civil society. There are various reasons for this development. These include worsening environmental and social problems like climate change and resource scarcity, greater poverty and a serious reduction in state support. Also relevant are business ethics, which have taken on a new significance due to the financial and economic crises, and the great number of corruption and tax scandals.

CSR and corporate sustainability are now mainstream issues for businesses. All stakeholders in society now have no choice but to focus on and deal with these issues. The conference on 23 August 2013, organised by Cologne Business School and the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation, demonstrated how this could be done. Prestigious guest speakers, including the Marketing Director of Porsche AG, Dr. Kjell Gruner and Holger Gassner, Director of Energy Policy & Political Affairs at RWE Innogy, presented their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability strategies to participants. CBS also welcomed leading academics to speak about climate adaptation measures taken by German companies and CSR in social media communication.

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