Conference on Sustainability Initiatives in Air Transportation

The 2013 thematic year on aviation and space travel was initiated by the Cologne Science Forum (KWR). The Cologne Science Forum focuses on a specific area of expertise in Cologne, a platform of science and innovation. The department of tourism management at Cologne Business School lectures and undertakes research in aviation-related fields and organised the conference “Nachhaltigkeitsinitiativen im Luftverkehr” (Sustainability Initiatives in Air Travel”) as part of the thematic year.

On Friday 11 October, beginning at 1pm, workshops, lectures and panel discussions on the subject of air travel policy and the aviation industry were held at CBS. The discussions addressed the initiatives that the aviation industry needs to take to attain greater sustainability. Representatives from airlines, airports and research institutes like the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) as well as Bauhaus Luftfahrt held talks during the event.

The complete Aviation Symposium Programme can be found here.

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