Ethics and Sustainability Award 2012

In November 2012, the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation, in cooperation with CBS International Business School, awarded the Ethics and Sustainability Award, worth 4,000 €, for the second time. A total of five prizes were awarded by the Foundation and CBS in the categories of “social project” and “academic research”. The award promotes new and existing social projects. Academic research (final and seminar papers and other publications) is also supported. Research can be complete or still at the planning stage. In the case of the latter, the prize money is awarded to help the recipient conduct interviews, attend conferences or engage in other activities connected to the research work.

As in the previous year, the University2Business (U2B) initiative won the award in the category of “social project”. The project was organised by a group of socially active CBS students, headed by Sören Kindermann and Lisa-Marie Kruse, who initiated this networking and recruiting series of events.

There were four “academic research” award winners this year. CBS student Laureen Burian was awarded a prize for her Bachelor’s thesis on corporate social responsibility, which will be of great relevance for research and business practice. The winner of the second prize was Petra Köhler who wrote her thesis at the Universidad de Salamanca on German cooperation in development policy and the fight against poverty. Lukas Petersik, a student at Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, also received an award for his degree thesis that examined how companies in the tourist destination of Garmisch-Partenkirchen deal with social responsibility in their network. The fourth award winner was CBS student Hannah Schwamborn who wrote an excellent empirical work on the influence of organic labelling on the behaviour of ski tourists.

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