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Ethics and Sustainability Award 2015

Every year the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation in cooperation with the CBS International Business School grants a total of 4,000 € in prize money through the “Ethics and Sustainability Award”. The objective of the award is to promote the social and ethical achievements of students who through their work demonstrate an enthusiasm for sustainability.
If you have written a term-paper or a bachelor or master’s thesis on the subject of Business Ethics, Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility or want to create exposure for, or initiate a social project – Apply now and win up to 1,000 €.
Applications for the Ethics and Sustainability Award can be continuously submitted throughout the year. Both ongoing and already completed work will be considered.

If you wish to apply, please send the following documents to nachhaltigkeit(at)

For a scientific work in progress:

An exposé (maximum of two pages)
An explanation of how the money is to be used (up to 600 €)

For completed scientific papers (up to 500 €):

An electronic copy of the paper
A summary of the content (up to 3 pages)

For social projects:

A summary and description of the project (up to 3 pages)
An explanation of the planned use of funds (up to 1,000 €)

In the spring of 2015, CBS International Business School in cooperation with the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation awarded the Ethics and Sustainability Award for the fourth time. Students submitted scientific papers such as Bachelor and Master theses as well as social projects in the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The award ceremony took place as a part of the IHK event series – Sustainability and Economic Success. CBS President Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Fröhlich and the Chairman of the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation, Mr. Rechtsanwalt Rüdiger Winkler presented the prizes.

This year, Ms. Hannah Helmke won the bachelor thesis prize for her contribution in the field of international logistics in the automotive industry and the impact on climate. “The challenges of social responsible investment through the integration of non-economic factors in investment rating” was the theme of the excellent master’s thesis by Carina Schepers, who also took home a prize that day. Prizes in the category of term papers were awarded to two deserving students: Gereon Schumacher, for his work on the development of environmental criteria for the evaluation of sporting goods manufacturers, and Ms. Irina Schulze Isfort for her work on a business case for the financing of mobility solutions for people with disabilities. Additionally, two social projects were recognized through the award: Torben Wingert and Matthias Mühlen’s proposal for the establishment of a sustainable student consultancy, as well as Phillip Smieskol’s campaign to increase the number of organ donors in Germany by cooperating with local sports clubs.

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