Sustainable Management

Dr. Jürgen Meyer Endowed Chair

Since 2011, the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation has awarded Cologne Business School with the Endowed Chair for International Business Ethics and CSR.

The foundation focuses on scientific research and teaching in the field of business ethics, paying special attention to middle management through:

  • Endowed professorships and subsidies to institutions for academic projects (especially in higher education);
  • Awarding scholarships for Master, PhD and post-doctorate positions
  • Supporting socially relevant education and training projects
  • Implementing management concepts that correspond to the foundation’s purpose into corporate life.

Patrick Bungard, Monika Kolb, Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter (Lehrstuhlinhaber), Bonnie Lewtas and RA Rüdiger Winkler (Vorstand der Dr. Jürgen Meyer Stiftung)

In 1998 Dr. Heinz Jürgen Meyer fulfilled a life-long dream with the acquisition of Ernst Marks GmbH Co. KG. After numerous years of being a successful yet employed manager, the acquisition allowed him to independently implement his corporate ideas. The company is based in Mülheim (Ruhr). Under the brand “marks-3zet”, the company became the inventor and world leader in calibrated underlay sheets. Among other products, the company offers self-adhesive underlay foils in different color schemes and was the first in Europe to promote waterless offset printing.

Unfortunately, bad health limited Dr. Jürgen Meyer’s time to pursue his ideas and see them implemented. With no successor in place and his deteriorating health, in 2004, he decided to integrate his group of companies into the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation.

The Dr. Jürgen Meyer Chair is particularly committed to the integration of business ethics and sustainability as a core component in the training of future leaders.

For more information about the Dr. Jürgen Meyer Foundation, click here.

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