CBS Working Paper Series

The CBS Working Paper Series (ISSN 2195-6618) are linked to the individual research clusters at Cologne Business School. They are subject to an external peer-review process. The aim of the working paper series is to make the results of research conducted at CBS available to a wider audience and other academics in the field.

Modelling the competitiveness of a catching-up economy (Zmuda)

Diversity and inclusion in Europe (Karlshaus, López, Mochmann, Sahakiants, Stuber)

Outplacement (López, Karlshaus, Abegg)

Cultural Product Design Matrix (Deckert, Nawrat, Scherer)

Simultane Ermittlung des Marktwertes und der Risikoprämie bei der Unternehmensbewertung (Lutz)

Catching-Up Economy to close technoclogical gap (Zmuda, Czarny)

Creative Heuristics (Deckert)

The Dissemination of Tourism Destination Images (Quil, Martens)

Tensions in Creative Products (Deckert)

Beer Picking Game (Deckert et al.)

Tensions in Corporate Creativity (Deckert)

Tensions in Creativity (Deckert)

Cultural Impacts on National Innovativeness (Decker, Scherer, Guillén)

Personalentwicklung in der Beschaffung (Fröhlich, Karlshaus)

Innovation Scouting (Deckert)

European Approaches to SME Support (Jenders)

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