Areas of expertise

The cooperation of CBS researchers makes a very positive contribution to research. In individual cases, research is also conducted in collaboration with external researchers. The diverse expertise of CBS scholars means that research areas can be studied and developed from a broad range of perspectives. This produces a comprehensive and interdisciplinary analysis of the research projects. The following links provide further information on research expertise.

Prof. Dr. Anja Karlshaus (Management)
Professor of Business Operations and Human Resources at Cologne Business School since 2008 and Manager at Dresdner Bank (Frankfurt/Main), Allianz Group (Munich) and Commerzbank (Frankfurt/Main), Germany since 1999. She studied at Universität Köln, Santa Clara University in the USA and the European Business School (ebs) in Oestrich Winkel where she wrote her doctoral thesis on “Strategic Human Resource Management”. She has also worked at several research institutes in Germany and abroad and is currently CBS gender equality officer and a consultant in external committees. In addition to her other distinctions, Prof. Dr. Karlshaus also manages the WiWi-Talent label, which views exemplary support as integral to the success of participatory professorships for sustainable and career development programmes, working to reduce the shortage of skilled professionals.

Prof. Dr. Irene López
Professor of Business Psychology and director of studies for the Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology. She studied psychology, specialising in work and organisational psychology and also the non-psychology field of business administration management in Berlin. Recently she developed and was in charge of the research group for applied communication design at the Department of Communication and Media Research at the German Sports University Cologne. Training on the topics of healthcare management, communicative competence, team-building, leadership and change management were held there, and then analysed and evaluated. Prof. López is a member of HR Round Table, a network for HR professionals. The aim of the network is to hold talks on HR management issues, to share knowledge and experience with specialists and colleagues and to enhance the expertise of the network in different professional sectors.

Prof. Dr. Anke Scherer
Professor of East-Asia Management and Dean of the International Culture and Management degree programme at Cologne Business School. She is a graduate of China Studies and Japan Studies and has many years of experience of study and research in China and Japan. After graduating in China Studies and before undertaking her PhD in Japan Studies, she worked for several years in Japan and other countries. She regularly visits China and Japan to carry out research, build on her theoretical knowledge and develop her practical experience.

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