Human Resource Management

Prof. Dr. Anja Karlshaus (Chair of Human Resources and Management), Prof. Dr. Maja Hartung (Chair of Business Psychology), Prof. Dr. Irene López (Chair of Business Psychology) and Prof. Dr. Anke Scherer (Chair of East Asia Economics) are all active in the Leadership research cluster. The cluster focuses on current academic research and best practice in the business world. It examines issues relevant to leadership from the fields of international and intercultural management (core area: East Asia), sustainable human resources management and human resources development, healthcare management and systemic management.

Applied research forms the core of the academic activities. Policy recommendations, drawn up on the basis of solid research, are developed with the support of Bachelor’s and Master’s students. The recommendations are then discussed and evaluated in executive management training sessions. Prof. Dr. Karlshaus has been delivering executive training in the banking and insurance sector on a regular basis since 2011, in cooperation with a human resources consulting company (PBB, Berlin). These sessions examine issues like sustainable human resources management and part-time management. Targeted Intercultural training for expatriates, focusing on China, Japan and Korea, has also been successfully organised for several years by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Anke Scherer, in cooperation with external trainers. This provides valuable input for cultural research on East Asia. An executive training programme delivered over several weeks (2012-2014) has also been delivered in cooperation with a medium-sized company in the region. Prof. Dr. Scherer and Prof. Dr. Karlshaus and many other members of CBS research clusters are involved in this venture. In this training programme, research focuses on intercultural competence development and on establishing a sustainable management structure. Prof. Dr. López has been delivering training in the retail, telecommunications, consulting and hospitality sectors since 2011. Her training sessions focus on work-life balance, stress prevention, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. Research findings and current regulations regarding human capital (staff) are evaluated and developed into guidelines. This research direction aims to study the rapidly growing phenomenon of greater mental stress, which can lead to burnout at all levels of the company hierarchy, both for management and staff. A high level of multitasking, complexity, flexibility, constant availability and, above all, fast reaction times are all common in working life today. Research can help to manage these demands and challenges by using targeted strategies as well as practical steps and instruments from the field of healthcare management.

In addition to the training sessions, the cluster also cooperates with partners from eminent DAX companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and consulting companies. Corporate collaboration may be organised via “corporate circles”, which meet regularly to discuss issues and act as a supervisory committee, for example, in the research project “Shortage of skilled professionals in purchasing”, run by Prof. Dr. Karlshaus and Prof. Dr. Fröhlich. The members of the Human Resources Management research cluster are also members of research networks and committees. These provide valuable research input and facilitate academic exchange with other institutes. Prof. Dr. Karlshaus is currently involved in an empirical research cooperation project with a consulting company GoodHR and the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. This is investigating part-time management as a form of sustainable management.

CBS academics from other research clusters contribute to the research projects of this cluster with expertise from their respective fields. Members of the research cluster also participate in interdisciplinary research projects and contribute to publications in methodological and intercultural fields such as diversity.

The following pages provide more information on the research projects, cooperation activities, publications and events of this research cluster.

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