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The task of every university is to impart academic knowledge and to conduct and disseminate academic research. The professors at CBS International Business School are involved in both national and international projects and publish their results in academic journals and books. Research activities CBS are organised into seven clusters (see figure below). The “Sustainable Management” cluster has a central function of linking research and teaching at CBS International Business School. Sustainable Management is the interdisciplinary area that interrelates with the diverse activities and results of the other clusters. Professors work in one or several research clusters, depending on their areas of research. The areas of research, projects, publications, lectures and expertise that are relevant for each respective cluster are detailed on the following sections of the CBS website. Information on all the research activities of the professors is available on the academic staff page. Applied research with practical relevance at CBS is supported and promoted by external cooperation partners. Projects are conducted in cooperation with national and international partners. A group of research and student research assistants are supporting this work and thus gain practical knowledge of the field of academic research. The close relationship between research and teaching is of great importance to the professors and students; where relevant, this transfer of knowledge is integrated into the work of the cluster. The research activities of are supported by the Series of Publications and the Working Paper Series. The most important results are available to interested readers via Print on Demand or can be downloaded as a PDF file.

CBS Research
The CBS International Business School has been part of the Stuttgart Klett Group since 2016.
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