ZEIT Magazine: “Ask yourself which company suits you best!”

Faculty   -  4. December 2019

Anja Karlshaus in a ZEIT Campus Interview: “Ask yourself which company suits you best!”

Which soft skills are really in demand on the job market? And which overtime regulations must entrants accept? Many students are dying to discuss these questions with HR experts and CEOs, but they have hardly the opportunity to do it.

The German magazine ZEIT CAMPUS Berufseinstieg has now given Niklas Schröder, a master’s student of economics at the University of Cologne, and Simone Traub, a master’s student in business psychology, this chance: Both students could address all their questions on the career start to Robert Kühl, Senior Director Corporate Development & Transformation at The Berner Group, and Prof Dr Anja Karlshaus, Dean of General Management at CBS, in a longer interview.

The HR expert Anja Karlshaus recommended to act strategically in a job interview: “However, authenticity also has its limits in every job interview. It shows little empathy and weak motivation for the job when you admit: “The Berner Group is the employer No. 10 on my list”. However, if someone says “I absolutely want this job!” I would decide in favour for him or her. It’s just like on a first date: You would never mention that your date is not exactly number one for you right now.”

Find the article here.

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