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Welcome BA, MA and MBA 2015!

All Categories, Inside CBS   -  27. August 2015

Team building in the stadium and sightseeing on the Rhine

For many years now, an extensive welcoming and introductory programmehas been an integral part of study commencement for incoming students beginning their first semester at CBS. Along with the professional organisation of academic life, this also promotes the immediate formation of a familiar, supportive and homogeneous student body from day one.

As part of introduction week, the Cologne Business School also put together a daily programmein 2015, the purpose of which to support all incoming freshmen with team building and integration activities.

The bachelor students met in the early afternoon in front of the Rhein Energie Stadium, where in groups, they faced numerous tasks at different points along on the Jahnwiese that could not be mastered alone, but only through a coordinated team effort. Responsible for the New Students Integration Program (short N’StIP), which has been taking place for many years now, was the CBS corporate identity team, which spent weeks designing and preparing a wide range stations and challenges in order to ensure an orderly flow of over 200 participants.

“Great weather; lots of friendly, new faces; a nice atmosphere; fun games and, of course, delicious food – a thoroughly successful day. I am delighted to see that our work on this event has paid off again, just as it has every year,” commented Leon Reichel, the student in charge of the event and afternoon program.

An area of the stands on the south end of the stadium was reserved for CBS where lunch was provided, and a constant supply of cold drinks were on offer, which were urgently needed on account of the particularly beautiful but hot weather.

More than 120 CBS master and MBA students from all around the world kicked off the semester in glorious, summer weather as they spent an afternoon aboard the MS Rheinland, where they headed upstream on the Rhine to the bend at Rodenkirchen.

Several professors and employees from the university’s service departments attended the trip and were available for any questions related to CBS. Prof. Dr. Florian Hummel, managing director and head of university administration was also on board and enjoyed the tour in the company of the students. “As a professor of tourism, I am always up for these kinds of things. But along with taking in the panorama of Cologne and catching a few sunrays, at the end of the day, it’s about having a good time, and our ultimate goal is for as many as possible to have gotten to know one another. “

The goal was more than surpassed. Shukai Chen, MA ICM15 from China. “The boat trip was fabulous, the weather was great and we saw a lot of Cologne!”

Viktoriia Borovskaia, MAIMEM 15 from Russia was equally impressed. “It was great opportunity to meet new people and at the same time to see beautiful city. Thanks a lot to organisations for presents for keeping us in a good mood!”

But local students, as well, who are certainly no strangers to Cologne, also enjoyed the tour – students like Christian Lesaar, MA GM15. “The boat tour was a real highlight. It was really cool to get to know the other students in such a relaxed atmosphere over a cool glass of Kölsch. The boat trip should definitely become a tradition!”

In the early evening after docking at the Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer pier, we hopped on the tram and headed off to Müngersdorf, where, under the south and west stands of the Rhein Energie Stadium, they had prepared a giant barbecue that brought together nearly 500 participants from 6 pm on.

The freshmen Class of 2015, professors, lecturers and employees all celebrated the whole evening before the serious reality of student life and the first lectures that go along with it set in on Monday, August 31st.

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