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Top position in university ranking

All Categories, Inside CBS, Press releases   -  22. January 2018

In the countrywide personnel ranking conducted by the WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Cologne Business School (CBS) received a top evaluation and belongs again to the best private universities offering business studies. CBS has proven once more that students are ideally prepared for the demands of business and the responsibility of managing personnel.

According to the latest university ranking conducted by the WirtschaftsWoche, Cologne Business School has been awarded 1st place for private universities offering business studies in North-Rhine Westphalia, and 2nd place for the whole country. In the overall rankings, which include state as well as private universities, CBS occupies a very respectable 8th place.

Over 500 personnel from various industries were interviewed for the ranking. “The repeatedly excellent results show us that our study concept, which orientates itself towards the employability of the students, is absolutely correct”, says CBS President Prof Dr Elisabeth Fröhlich. “Apart from the knowledge acquired from studying, soft skills and foreign languages are a decisive factor when looking for a job – both of these we have integrated into our curriculum. Companies attach great importance to practical experience. Students as well as their later employers benefit greatly from our obligatory internships or business projects which consist of solving real-world problems for companies. Graduates who have had to solve relevant practical tasks during their studies are better prepared for the challenges of business life”, adds Prof Fröhlich.

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