Semester abroad in a quick check: Studying at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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With 70,000 inhabitants, Tromso is the cultural and economic centre of northern Norway. Alexander Lategahn, a CBS Master student in General Management, spent his semester abroad at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway and has been enthusiastic about Norway ever since. He has now evaluated his studies at UiT and the quality of life in Tromso for us in a quick check.

This is what you can experience at UiT and in Tromso:

  1. Modern teaching

“The application process for the university went very well, both for the CBS and for UiT. The response was prompt and there were no difficulties in meeting deadlines. The university building is very modern, the lecture styles are modern – everything is quite modern at UiT. The Faculty of Economics is still very new and is currently being expanded. The quality of the lectures depends very much on the subject and the lecturer, but it is fundamentally good and comparable to the CBS. If you want to write a thesis during your semester abroad, this is possible despite the 20 to 30 credit points for the Erasmus programme”.

  1. The change of light between winter and summer

“I studied at the UiT during the summer semester, which made me aware of the change of seasons north of the Arctic Circle: Both the extreme cold and darkness from January to the end of March and the increasing brightness up to full brightness from May to June. I can only recommend this time, because you can look forward to the brightness. The full brightness was unusual for me and I found it more unpleasant than the darkness.”

  1. Unique nature

“The landscape in Norway is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen: Big mountains, steep cliffs, many fjords, beaches and untouched nature. However, as you are far above the polar circle, the snow is still there until May. You should get used to a snow-covered Tromso in the summer semester.”

  1. International Student Body

“The environment at UiT is very international. I had friends from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark and Finland!”

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This is what you should be prepared for:

  1. Fast registration for accommodation

“As a guest student you should register as early as possible for accommodation via Samskipnaden, the website of the Norwegian Student Association. The costs for an apartment are otherwise very high.”

  1. Higher cost of living

“The price level in Norway is higher than in Germany. As a student, you should plan on spending around 200 to 250 Euros on food. It is possible to go to restaurants and to party, but it is also very expensive. Just as an example: In the Fun-Pub, the most popular pub of the city, a beer costs 11 Euro and a shot 10 Euro.”

  1. Greater mobility through cars

“If possible, you should travel by car to Tromso or buy one there. There is a good bus network withinthe city, but if you want to visit other cities, the buses only run once a day and are usually expensive. The routes are long and weekend trips are most convenient by car. Renting is also expensive, so I recommend to travel by car.”

  1. Restrained mentality

“It’s more difficult to make contact with Norwegians. They are very reserved and even if you celebrated with them, they forgot you the next day and you have to get to know them again. That sounds rude, but they don’t mean it that way. If you really want to have contacts to Norwegians, you have to be very persistent. In general the Norwegians are very friendly and courteous.”

My conclusion:

“Impressive, intensive and international – that’s how I would describe my semester abroad in three words. I am enthusiastic about Tromso and the UiT The Arctic University of Norway. That was one of the best times of my life! I met great people and enjoyed natural spectacles like the aurora or the change between darkness and brightness. If you are looking for impressive nature and an extraordinary experience, Tromso is just the right thing!”

More information about the CBS semester abroad can be found at:

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Photos: Alexander Lategahn

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