Semester abroad in a quick check: Studying at the Tec de Monterrey

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Mexico is as gringos always imagine it to be in Guadalajara: Mexico’s second largest city is home to mariachi music and the dance Jarabe tapatio. Lea Nönninger, bachelor’s student in “International Tourism Management”, wanted to see Guadalajara for herself during her semester abroad at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey. In our quick check, she gives you an overview for studying at the “seventh best business school in the world” (Wall Street Journal/2006).

This is what you can experience at the Tec de Monterrey and in Guadalajara

1. Colourful campus life

“The Tec Campus is a paradise! There are all kinds of sports, music and cultural programmes you can participate in. You can also use a large swimming pool, a gym and various football fields. I quickly got to know people at the Tec, as parties and other events for internationals were often planned.”

2. Unique nature

“As for traveling, I couldn’t have made a better choice for my semester abroad. Even though I was always very busy during the semester, I went on an excursion almost every weekend. Mexico is an incredibly diverse country, from jungle and green forests to Caribbean dream beaches and lots of adventure and action. Guadalajara is also a good base to go on excursions, as there are interesting destinations in the surrounding area.”

3. Easy to find an apartment

“I found out about the organisation “Integrate” through a friend of mine, which not only rents out houses for international students in Mexico, but also offers various events and trips. I immediately registered for a room in one of the houses in Guadalajara and within two days I was assured accommodation. It is great that there is such an organisation for internationals in Mexico!”

Semester abroad in a quick check: Studying at the Tec de Monterrey

You should be prepared for this

1. Un, dos, tres… tequila!

“Mexicans are very warm, open and helpful people. You will definitely make friends quickly, but for the love of the Mexican culture you should drink some tequila.”

2. Campus popular with Germans

“I was surprised that about 80 % of the internationals were German. Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to meet students of other nationalities.”

3. Intensive studies

“Studying at the Tec took some time to get used to because it differs greatly from studying at the CBS. The semester is very labour-intensive: I constantly had homework, assignments or presentations to prepare. I had two partial exams and a final exam in each subject so that I was constantly in the exam phase. However, I had to study less for the exams, as I already had a good command of the learning material through the assignments and homework. In addition, the Tec has the special regulation that a subject with 70 % of exams passed is already credited.”

My conclusion:

“I had an unforgettable semester abroad in Guadalajara and went back to Germany with many wonderful memories. I got to know great people and gained many new experiences. I would spend my semester abroad in Mexico again anytime!”

You can find all the information you need about the semester abroad at:

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Photos: Lea Nönninger

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